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  1. BrodyNC

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    I’m sure that will happen, I’m just 14, and not that into politics and our government. I know enough to not be living under a rock, but I don’t watch the news every day and keep up with everything. I have enjoyed several of the political memes, there just not my favorites. But I am only 1 person out of the thousands of others who use this site.
  2. BrodyNC

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    X2. I don’t want it shut down. I really enjoy reading all the good witty jokes, which there are plenty of. It’s just the loads of political jokes and other memes that are getting more and more tasteless and sending it down hill.
  3. BrodyNC

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    This is an awesome site where you can get questions answered, share restorations, and support each other. But the occasional coffee shop post and joke thread can be a little suggestive for a school. Not like I haven’t heard worse at a high school though.
  4. BrodyNC

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    Yeah, I have stopped looking at the joke thread in school. Don’t want the wrong person seeing the screen over my shoulder and getting me in trouble. I mainly just check for the tractor stuff at lunch or after I finish an assignment.
  5. Where I go to high school, they gave every student a laptop for use in class. These computers are very restricted in the sites you can go to, as to be expected. Youtube is restricted, and there are sites like Pandora I can't even pull up. But I found out at the beginning of this year that our dear Red Power Forums are not restricted. I guess the school board has to have heard of the site in order to block it. I totally haven't been looking at red tractors while I am in class. . . ; ) Just something that I thought was funny.
  6. BrodyNC

    Give and take word game

    Ground Clamp
  7. BrodyNC

    For you cabover lovers

    A Peterbilt cabover came through a car wash fundraiser I was working at a few summers ago. The driver heard I liked 18 wheelers and took me around the block in it. I will never forget that ride. I guess the next step is driving one some day. . . .
  8. BrodyNC

    New joke

    What’s the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver. A bad golfer goes whack, dang. A bad skydiver goes dang, whack.
  9. BrodyNC

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    240 and our neighbor’s 3 point scrape blade. Works decent for scraping a few inches of snow and slush off a driveway.
  10. BrodyNC

    One year transformation

    Last on Christmas Eve we lined up all of our toys and took our family’s “Christmas card” photo. We drug every thing out today and lined them up for a similar picture. The WD and the ugly John Deere didn’t change much, but I was amazed by the transformation in the farmall. In a year, it went from looking like it was pulled up with the titanic to a halfway decent looking tractor. Still have a ways to go though. Will see what we can accomplish in another year of inhaling paint fumes and busting knuckles.
  11. BrodyNC

    Another good oldie came on today

    I am 14, and believe it or not, I had this song as my ringtone for a while. I replaced it recently with “Rodeo” by Garth Brooks. Love this kind of music.
  12. BrodyNC

    Christmas Parade

    MTO you are correct 1959 240 1948 WD
  13. BrodyNC

    Christmas Parade

    Yesterday was our town’s annual Christmas parade, and we took both tractors to it. My dad was on his Allis-Chalmers pulling the kids from our church. I was on the Farmall, pulling a trailer for my high school’s marching band. I normally would have had to march the parade, but at the last minute my director called and asked if we could bring a tractor. I’ve figured out driving a tractor is a lot more enjoyable than walking the parade! We had a time moving two tractors around town with our F150 and light duty trailer.
  14. BrodyNC

    240 PTO control lever problems

    Appreciate it. Hope we find that is the problem.
  15. BrodyNC

    240 PTO control lever problems

    Here is a picture of the mangled pto lever on our Farmall 240. Is there a certain way it is supposed to be bent? The handle will fall into the engagement position if it isn’t tied off. We tried bending it in different ways, and even attached small weights to the end of it, but nothing has worked. I am assuming it didn’t come from the factory having to be bungee corded to the seat. Any suggestions on how we could keep it in the disengaged position would be appreciated. Thanks, Brody.