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  1. I believe the fan is on correct.
  2. BrodyNC

    New joke

    Here is three blonde jokes for y’all. I can do this because I am blonde. A women was tired of all the blonde jokes, so one day she dyed her hair brown. Feeling happy about her new look, she went on a drive through the country. She comes across a shepherd and a large flock of sheep. She pulled over and asked the shepherd if she could have one sheep if she could correctly guess the number of sheep. Intrigued, the shepherd agreed. “348” the women guesses. Blown away the shepherd tells her she is correct. He let her pick a sheep out. She started walking away with a very energetic, fluffy sheep. The shepherd stops her and says, “If I can correctly guess your original hair color, can I have my dog back”? A man walks into a bar, and sits down next to a blonde. He asks her if she wants to hear a joke. She agrees, but warns him that she has a black belt in karate, her friend beside her is a champion boxer, and another blonde beside her is a pro wrestler. The man says forget this, I don’t feel like explaining the joke three times. A blonde was out looking for work. She comes across a help wanted sign in front of an old house. The blonde walks up and finds an old man sitting outside. The man tells her he wants his porch painted white. She gets to work and the man goes inside. About an hour later, she walks inside to get paid. As she leaves she yells over her shoulder “by the way, you don’t have a porch, you have a Toyota!”
  3. It’s sitting on 4 tires now! Took it for a half hour madden voyage last night. Still a lot of little (and big) things to do.
  4. Thanks, was thinking driving around awhile to make sure there were no problems/everything’s adjusted right, including a few trips up and down the road in road gear. Then using the finish mower for a light load.
  5. Thanks 460, I have read to limit idle during warmup and cool down, and to not ride in one gear at one rpm for to long. Is it a good idea to do this, varying the rpms?
  6. Over the past few months we have completely overhauled the c-123 motor in our 240. We fired and ran it for about a minute, with the front end on blocks. We are getting close to driving it out of the shop for a test ride. I have a few questions that I need some help with. -What should the oil pressure be for a healthy c-123 motor the first few minutes it’s running (when it’s cold). And what should it be when it is at operating temp(hot)? -There is a small antifreeze leak at the bottom of the head. If we ignore it for now, after we break the motor in and go through the normal procedure of re-torquing the head, should this small leak go away? -Lastly, I need a lot of tips about breaking in an overhauled engine. I’ve read everything from running it in road gear, to just revving it a few times in a row (don’t really like that idea). How much runtime would we need to put on the motor before it is “broken in”? About the only thing I’ve come up with to break in our tractor is mowing with a finish mower and driving for a while in road gear. About the only drawbar work we do is pulling trailers. Thoughts? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help. Not sure what I did to the font. Must of poked a wrong button somewhere, sorry
  7. Tombstone and the Magnificent Seven movies are my favorites.
  8. Here is a picture from May 5th last year. Come a long way since then
  9. Getting closer. Today we cranked it for the first time since the overhaul. And I’ll be, it ran pretty good. Had 40 pounds of oil pressure, amp meter showed charging, didn’t see any thing leaking. Still a lot to do, but a lot has been accomplished. Hearing it running was good motivation to keep at it. Will try to get a video up later.
  10. BrodyNC

    Music thread

    Can’t believe we’ve made 9 pages and no one has mentioned this one.
  11. This 1948 Allis Chalmers WD has been through 4 generations of our family. I’m sure these pictures have been on here before, but here they are.
  12. Little bit of progress this weekend. One piece at a time...
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