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  1. Now you need a nice red tractor with a three point to pull that nice red rake around! That looked like a fun project. Great job!
  2. Thank you. Heres a WD picture for you.
  3. Happy birthday America
  4. 13,894 lbs Thats my shot in the dark guess
  5. Thank you very much. We try our best on everything
  6. Got to test the plow out in a construction site near our house. The plow worked well, but the furrow wheel blade is so worn down it wouldn’t stay down in the furrow some times. Ordered an 18in plow coulter to replace the 15in original tail wheel blade. Cut all the holes in the new coulter with oxyfuel. Here’s a few finished pictures. Going to try and make room for the plow under a shed to keep it out of the rain.
  7. Alright thanks for the help everyone. I wired in an electric hour meter when we rebuilt the motor last May. I was just wondering if their was a tach option similar to that. (cheap and functional, but not original). But I'm convinced now just to fix it the way it should be.
  8. Well y’all have convinced me to fix it the way it should be. Found the cable and other pieces on yesterday’s tractor. https://www.ebay.com/p/10024429033 Found this tach on eBay. That sounds to good to be true, $30 for a new tach? What am I missing here?
  9. Through every phase of restoring the 240 we always said we’ve spent to much money already, tach isn’t important right now. Cables do seem to be cheap but the tach always seems to be relatively expensive. I might consider buying a tach now that everything else on the 240 is done (except new rear tires). I was just curious if there are other ways to have a tach
  10. So my 240 has a broken tachometer and no tach drive cable at all. My dad’s WD came from the factory with no tach, like most tractors in the 40’s. So, is their anything aftermarket out their to read and display rpms on an old tractor motor? I know I could buy a new tach and drive cable for my 240, but what about the wd which never had a tach? I don’t care about mph and engine hours like my original 240 could display, I just want to know engine rpms. I recall reading about temporary set ups you can put on the motor to see rpms while tuning, but is there anything small that could read the rpms of the crank pulley and have a display at the dash permanently? Thanks, Brody
  11. Glad you got it fixed. When are you going to paint the H red?
  12. Rattle can. Rustolem cans are widely available in stores near me. There aren’t any ace hardwares near me. I painted the 240 with rustolem professional international red, rustolem canvas white and some gloss black, all rattle cans. Thanks for the dimensions, I plan to buy a plow coulter and drill the holes to fit the tail wheel. Unless you know of a place to buy the right tail wheel blade.
  13. Rustolem professional cobalt blue. Is there any way you can tell me the diameter of your tail wheel disc? Mine is very worn down and I’m wanting to replace it
  14. If you insist. Just playing in a little dirt at a construction site near our house.
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