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  1. Looks like you have a C14 harrow plow. My dad and I found a C200 fast hitch disc plow to use with a 240. Similar to yours but with only two big discs. The C14 is a small point fast hitch implement, would work well with c, super c, 200, 230.
  2. Saw this on Facebook and thought I would share. Pretty cool looking tractor.
  3. We narrowed up the 240’s rear wheel track width to work with the plow. I like the looks of it narrowed up so we are going to leave it like it is now even when not plowing Got the plow fully disassembled. Lot of pb blaster and oxy acytelene was required. Cleaned up the disk bearings. Ready to have the parts sand blasted by someone else.
  4. Thanks guys, it was a great day. Dmw’s are not doing road tests around here so I don’t know when I’ll get my license. Hopefully it will be soon with NC slowing opening back up Friday.
  5. Thank you very much WESnIL! That is a great looking plow. I found the second pic you posted in a google search but wondered what the back of the plow looked like. Thanks again, Brody
  6. I believe I have found a blue rattle can that will work for the plow. Next question, which pieces are supposed to be painted blue? I believe this is a c200 disc plow. I’ve only seen a few pictures of this plow painted online. I believe the disk scrapers and most of the tail wheel is blue. What else? If anyone has a pic of a painted plow like mine, that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Not the greatest at welding tight circles like that.
  8. Added some metal to the fast hitch points. Welded the kickstand back together and made two pins for it. Ordered a manual so we can learn more about the plow. We tried to plow a little section in our yard we are thinking about making into a small garden. Took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to adjust the fast hitch. The disc rolled freely and they tried to plow. The back disc never would dig in like the front one did. But there never was a consistent furrow and the rear tires are set to wide. I’m sure we don’t have every thing adjusted right. We’ll get there.
  9. Alright thanks everyone. I didn’t know if IH blue was still readily available it not. Glad it is, I’ll try and track down some IH blue rattle cans around here.
  10. Well my 16th birthday is coming up soon so I’ve been driving around a lot getting ready for when the dmv opens back up. Last Sunday I rode by a local Agco dealer. Spotted a fast hitch disc plow through the fence. Called and got a price and yesterday I pulled the trailer up there and my dad and I split the cost between us and bought the plow. I plan to fix it up, get everything adjusting right, new bolts, pins, bearing work, etc then paint it up. I want it to be a nice show piece for the 240 but also be functional. We will probably have to move the rear tires in some to line up right. When I had the wheels off to paint them I had thought about narrowing it up anyway, so that’s not a big deal. I think the 240 will pull it well. The fast hitch on the plow is a small point and the tractor is a large point so we’ll have to add a little metal to the bottom of the points.
  11. I’ll check with the paint store where we got all the IH red for the tractor and see if they carry an IH blue. With the white on the 240 I used rustolem canvas white because we couldn’t get a specific IH white. I didn’t know if blue would be like that or not. Thanks
  12. I’m sure it has been discussed on here a lot, but I need some help. Is there a rustolem rattle can paint that is close to the blue I would need to paint an IH disc plow? If not, what other paints are close? Thanks, Brody
  13. Congratulations. Series ll, factory three point, wide front, and a potential loader, that’s one of my dream tractors right there.
  14. Yep, mowed with it for about two hours Friday.
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