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  1. A picture I stumbled across online, and a 656 in a promotional on YouTube.
  2. I like that allis wd(45)? in the first set of pictures. I’m sure the hand clutch is useful for that kind of work. Two things you don’t see often, dual rear wheels and a single front wheel. Looks great. Good pictures from everyone.
  3. MTO, here is the original thread of the 200 restoration. From the thread of its new trailer. Hope this helps, just wanted to reply and bring it back to the front
  4. Very cool indeed. Good looking tractor and plow as well. Love the gas gauge, very reliable.
  5. I play the alto sax in my high school’s marching, concert, and jazz band.
  6. Awesome pictures and tractors... Are 12, if I counted right, suitcase weights really needed to keep the front end down on one of those? Or is it mainly looks? Not trying to be critical or hateful sounding, just curious if it really takes that much iron to keep everything flowing smoothly when working them. They sure look cool regardless.
  7. You have two ears and only one mouth. So you should listen twice as much as you speak. How’s that?
  8. Is this the video that started this thread? Just thought putting the video on here would clear up some confusion. Or it might cause more debate. Who knows.... Hope it is okay to put a YouTube video in a post like this. I agree with Matt, kids learn from experience. The kid in the video is just starting his experience earlier than most.
  9. Maple hunter decals. https://www.maplehunterdecalsindiana.com/
  10. We know where we could order them online, we’re just putting off spending the money right now.
  11. Not a big update, but we ordered a few stickers that we thought would be nice touches. Ordered a hydra touch sticker, a serial plate sticker, and logos for the front weights. Our serial plate is in rough shape, so we did the best we could with the sticker. I think it looks better. Also, we made a bracket and put two 40 pound suitcase weights on the front of the 240. There is a pretty long general ih thread about that little project, if anybody is interested and hasn’t seen it already.
  12. Well that wraps it up for now. Painted the rod yesterday and applied the decals today. I think it looks pretty dang good. What do y’all think?
  13. I haven’t seen to many wide fronts on those tractors. I really like the looks of any unstyled tractors, especially when they are red. Looks like a fun project, I’ll watching for more pictures. Looks good still in its works clothes.
  14. Hmm, the only place I know with a 3D printer is at my high school. I’m pretty sure they charge students a lot to print anything. Cool idea though.
  15. All that is left to do is paint the rod and eye bolts and put some decals on.
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