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  1. So two weeks after l last cranked the farmall, the hydraulics are still holding pressure. The cylinder hasn’t leaked down like it used to. Our plan is to put a gauge temporarily on one of the rear hoses to see what the pressure is doing when it is squealing. I put the freshly painted side panels on for the first time. Man do I like the looks of them! Finally looks like a complete tractor. Also put an IH sticker on the seat. My dad had the idea the day we got the seat, and I finally grew to like the idea. I love the way it’s all coming together.
  2. What did you hate about the D17? Just curious. A D series Allis is on my list of tractors I want to have when I’m older.
  3. Looks like you got some good woodworker skills in you! I’m lucky to have access to wood and metal tools in our shop.
  4. Hooked the hoses and cylinder up Sunday. Filled up the hydraulics and pushed it outside to see what would happen. Within ten seconds of cranking, the lift was already moving up and down. So we let it run and cycle the air out, then we topped off the fluid. I thought it was all going great and we could move it back to the shed and starting painting more parts. But when we cranked it after topping the fluid off, we realized the pressure regulator under the gas tank doesn’t like a pump that will actually pump. If you leave the lift all the up or down without moving the handle back to the middle, the cylinder and pump fight each other, bogging the motor down and making the most awful sound I’ve ever heard that tractor make. So we have to try and fix the pressure regulator in the blocks under the gas tank, again. We will probably start another general ih thread to get some help figuring out the problem. Sorry for the long post, not worded the best. I did my best to explain everything.
  5. The seat finally arrived! I couldn’t be happier with it. Can’t wait till we finish the hydraulics so I can drive around with the new seat. Also got the side panels and cylinder painted this evening, despite of the raging wind storm.
  6. New to us pump is painted and installed. I made a new hydraulic filter housing gasket, new hoses where purchased and the cylinder was rebuild with new o-rings. Two new side panels showed up today. Will paint them whenever the rain stops. Painted the seat rails and installed them. Waiting on my new deluxe seat to arrive. Also you can see the new extension I adapted to fit the drawbar.
  7. Finished this little project up. Just need to put one more coat of white on everything.
  8. Here’s my old homemade one on top of the new one I bought. Since it’s just a chuck of steel, don’t have IH stamped in it or nothing, I am going to drill a center hole and file the two holes out some. Will put a picture of it when it’s done. Thanks everyone for correcting me and helping out
  9. I’m sure I’ll have to have mine removed eventually. My teeth used to be about as jacked up as you can get. Hope everything goes well for you and you make a quick recovery.
  10. I understand your point. One of the things I do with the 240 is pull a trailer around. Around the yard moving firewood, brush, etc. We’ve used the 240 to pull hayrides and parade trailers as well. Just mounting a ball to the drawbar doesn’t allow for tight turning with a trailer. So I crudely welded two pieces of metal together, drilled some holes and called it good. It allows for tight turning and easy maneuvering. So I bought that extension to do the same job, but look better doing it.
  11. The one on the left, like mine pictured above? Do you have a picture of it? I was finally able to hold my extension up to our drawbar... and the holes, as said above, don’t line up. Not sure what I’ll do. May try and send it back and hold out for a correct one. Or I may drill a center hole in it and move the two holes over. As long as that’s not going to get me put on the IH bad list forever... This new extension is better than my old handmade one in every way. I like the looks of it a lot. I’m really tempted to modify the holes.
  12. Ok thanks. Just as long as the holes line up for my fast hitch drawbar I’ll be happy with it.
  13. Yes I am. Guess I didn’t make it to clear. What was that smaller hole used for?
  14. I recently bought what I think is an original fast hitch drawbar extension. Least that’s what I call it. It came with what I assume are the original square bolts. So here’s my question, what is that little hole in the middle for? I’m sure IH put it there for a reason? I stumped the man at the junkyard when I asked him what it is for.
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