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  1. Sounds like it should be a cool project. Got any more pictures of the tow rig?
  2. And the more you toot the better you’ll feel, so eat beans with every meal, as my grandpa said.
  3. BrodyNC

    Music thread

    This came to mind when I read what you said, and I had to share.
  4. BrodyNC

    Music thread

    Only country song I know that is about driving slow!
  5. BrodyNC

    Music thread

    Both these bands definitely have style, if that’s all you can say about them.
  6. My sister is heavily involved with our high schools FFA. Usally at this time of year anywhere from 9-13 does kid and they have a bunch of babies running around, and a lot of goats to milk. First picture are the first 4 goats born this year. The others are from last year.
  7. BrodyNC

    New joke

    That is how everyone around here reacts when a few inches of snow is predicted a week away. And when it does snow, everyone forgets how to drive as well.
  8. Would it be worthwhile to use it? What other engine parts could benefit from it? Valve cover, timing cover? etc.
  9. I was painting a bunch of 240 parts today, and came to this timing cover and had a question. Would it hurt anything to paint the side that would face inside the motor? Would oil get on it and eat the paint off and cause problems, or should I paint it to keep it from rusting. It had a lot of rust on it when we took it off. Thanks, Brody
  10. IMO, Brad Paisley is the only young (ish) gun of today's country music worth listening to. Besides the folks from the 90's like Alan Jackson and George Strait who are still making real music.
  11. My favorite Ray Stevens song is Mississippi Squirrel Revival as well. Weed eater loose in his fruit of the looms gets me every time. High quality music right there. We have some Ray Stevens and Jerry Clower 8 tracks somewhere in the shop. I’ll look and take a picture this afternoon.
  12. Found this video awhile ago and thought it was awesome. Back when musicians and performers had some actual talent. Thought I would share. Hope the video works. I guess the reason I like it so much is that I play saxophone too, and since the day I got it, my grandma has wanted me to learn yakety sax.
  13. Don’t have a place near us to look or hunt, but some friends have given us full racks and pieces that we make pens out of. We make and sell pens for tractor money. The ink comes out when you push the bolt down. Like a bolt action rifle.
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