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  1. And today we drilled 28 holes and bolted the wood onto the frame. Eventually I’ll take the wood back off, have the frame sandblasted and then paint the frame red. Used deck boards and cut them 4ft long. I think it turned out great and fairly close to an original carryall. I’m not to worried about cutting up the post hole digger. It was beyond saving, and now we built something awesome and usable out of scrap metal. Will try to sell the pto shaft and auger so they won’t go to scrap.
  2. My dad and I decided to build a fast hitch carryall from the post hole digger frame. Started by adding metal to the fast hitch prongs. Then cut the frame to length. Had plenty of metal left in the U we cut off, so the uprights on the carry all frame are cut off of the post hole digger frame on the ground in picture 2. Picture 3, welded a cross member to keep the fast hitch prongs at the right spacing. Picture 4, welding the uprights and a cross member for them. And then the completed frame.
  3. Well the post hole digger gear box is a hot mess. Main shaft was welded up and ground with out a lathe, so that is very bad. Both gears are very worn and in rough shape. It was missing half the bearings when I got it. When I put replacement bearings in it made all the tolerances to tight and the gears wouldn't turn. Only way it would turn is when we spaced the top cover out with washers, which ain’t right since this is supposed to have gear oil in it. Basically the gear box is sketchy and beyond saving. I am unwilling to hook my tractor to it and turn to pto on, for fear of the gearbox l
  4. High compression pistons? Didn’t know we put something fancy in. Pistons, rods, and sleeves all came in a kit. Thanks for the advice on the transmission. There is a zero percent chance I will hook my 240 to a pulling sled, but I will use it for plowing as much as I can.
  5. I had my fast hitch disc plow hooked up to the 240, so after the show ended the yard owner let me plow his garden back behind where we had the show. Plow worked great.
  6. John Deere R I’m not a John Deere guy, but that R was impressive to see start up with the pony motor.
  7. A good friend of mine, Tj01 on here, started an antique tractor association in our county and starting working with a local tractor equipment lot owner about doing a show. I helped them get the yard ready for the show and yesterday was the show. Had about 30 tractors show up and there was a nice steady stream of people all day. Since this was our first show it was free admission and free to bring a tractor. It went really well so TJ and I are already thinking about doing another show.
  8. Many of the bolts in the gear box cover are broken off in the hole, so the previous owners at some point made this butchered clamp for the whole gear box. Got it all disassembled pretty easily. Already got all the broken bolts out of the cover. Will need to buy some bearings. pto shaft is rusted solid right now. Working on breaking it loose with pb blaster and heat.
  9. This sticker is in the inside of the frame. So this digger is not IH made, and was made by kims fast o matic implements? What else did kims make? What color did they paint something like this? Just looking for any and all information about the company and my post hole digger.
  10. Bought a fast hitch post hole digger today. Friend told me about it sitting in a farm equipment lot about 20 minutes away. The gear box covers have a lot of butchered plates to hold it together. The pto shaft is frozen solid but the auger will turn if you spin the shaft. Will be a fun little project to get it working again. Might paint it, might not.
  11. Ok so I’ve found this, is that all I need? What would I need to do about the magnets on the crank? Never worked on this kind of charging system so I’m pretty clueless right now. Can I replace it without pulling the motor?
  12. I know. That is probably where I’ll end up. This is just the easiest and my favorite forum to use
  13. Took a multi meter and stuck the meters positive and negative leads into the two wires leaving the stator and going to the voltage regulator. Exactly how the manual said to. At idle it read 14 volts, mid throttle 29 volts, full throttle 41. Got the last regulator from dB electric. Doesn’t specifically say what brand it is. I’m confident the regulator is grounded properly. I have no idea if the stator has ever been replaced or worked on. I think if the motor was running way to fast I would have blown it up by now as much as I have mowed with it.
  14. This is a 1971 John Deere 140 H3 that I have cut grass with for the past three years. Over that time I have burned up three voltage regulators and one ignition switch. It has a Kohler K321 AS motor. The stator produces 41 ac volts at full rpm no load. The manual says it should produce 29-32 ac volts at full rpm no load. So the voltage regulator repeatedly gets fired from to many volts and amps flowing through it. What would make the stator produce more than normal volts? It would make sense to me if over time it produced less volts, but no, it produces to many volts. I do believe t
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