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  1. This is the control valve for the swing on my backhoe, does anyone happen to have a parts breakdown for this and/or any literature that shows how to rebuild it? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks
  2. That’s exactly what happened, those Jen Sales books are terrible, the photos are grainy at best and washed out. What do you mean when you say “Base Plate”?
  3. I have an IH 2504 with an 3121 Backhoe, none of the backhoe controls currently work (They stopped working gradually). Just by chance I discovered that when I move the swing lever the swing won't work but everything else does. It doesn't matter if the lever is up or down (Left or right) all of the other controls work. Most of the manuals that I have ordered are pretty much useless, they seem to be cut down versions of the actual Service Manual, I guess I got what I paid for. Any help would be great
  4. Thank you so much for the reply and information, I will look into what you have described and try to make sure I understand what I am looking at before I open up anything. I’m sure I will have more questions, meanwhile any information and/or help is greatly appreciated. My email is keithirving82@gmail.com. I have some additional information that I discovered by chance which still may go along with your original diagnosis. The hoe is at the point where nothing will move, however if I pull the swing lever and hold it in either direction (Up or Down) and pull any other control lever, that f
  5. I have an IH 2504 with a 3121 backhoe, since I have own the machine the backhoe hydraulics have been weak and sluggish at best. I discovered today by chance that if I hold the swing lever up or down and activate any other lever, those functions work. The swing went from working all the time to not working at all, even when it did it never had any real power. I’m guessing that there’s bleed over or bleed by on the swing function, a blown seal or something allowing pressure to bleed by eliminating that function. The picture shows the hydraulic lines that power the backhoe, the very bottom p
  6. My IH 2504 had weak hydraulics when I got it, front loader and backhoe were very slow and weak. I replaced the pump with the 12 gpm pump that was original and the filter. After replacing the pump the loader and power steering worked great but the backhoe is still slow and gutless. The are two valves left and right of the seat that I have really no idea what they do, the hydraulic lines go from the front through these valves to the backhoe. I have been pushing the right lever forward to operate the loader and aft for the backhoe, it does make a difference. First I need to know what these valves
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