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  1. Right or wrong we put them on our 210 mini magnum with the 10 bolt Dana axle. We pieced them together by buying the spacers from one guy for $100 and the wheels from another guy so we had to get longer studs too. Our local dealer got them for use from unverferth.
  2. I believe the pressure and return ports are on opposite sides on them not on top of each other.
  3. Very interested in seeing your progress. I`m in the process of reviving a 585xl.
  4. I don't know I just looked and I didn't see any 85 series that weren't Case IH and listed in NA. When you look under IH it shows some but when you click on them they are actually Case IH
  5. Could anyone possibly tell me what year it is
  6. I I actually bought a 585xl the other day on a auction. Not sure why or how it got to the US. It's pretty rough shape but I thought it was pretty neat since you don't see them here
  7. I was doing some reading in my Red Tractors book last night and it said the 85 series was never sold under the IH name in the USA just as Case IH after the merger. I know that there is one exception to this though and that would be the 385 which was sold for one year under the IH name. We owned one quite a few years ago.
  8. Was the International 585xl (not case IH) available in the USA? I can't seem to find out much about them other than in other countries.
  9. My 824 had a suction screen very similar to that. I absolutely couldn't find it on the online Case IH parts website along with a few other parts for the tractor. I ended up buying a paper parts manual on eBay and it was in there. I gave my dealer the part number and he was able to get me one
  10. I just purchased the planter and that's how the previous owner set it up after the 540 pump went out. It would be fine that way if I would always use it on our newer tractors but I think I'd like to use it on our older IH tractors so I don't think I'd have enough flow when lifting the planter and I wouldn't have any way to regulate the flow without adding some type of flow control
  11. I had seen the one from farm parts before but I noticed that pump doesnt have the valve to turn to adjust the flow. I`ll check with greenway. Thanks
  12. Anybody have a good 1000rpm pto pump for a 8 row cyclo laying around that they want to part with? I would need it complete with the coupler and the bracket and arm the touches the drawbar. Also would probably need it shipped to North Dakota.
  13. I`ve seen two sell now in the last year first one brought $500 second was was about a month ago and brought $600. I would have loved to have one but they were out of my price range. I was actually runner up on the $500 one.
  14. I kinda thought it sounded like a gooseneck deal. We have been buying quite a few trade ins from them the last few years. They sure are on the ball about getting the trade ins and trades for the trade ins sold before the new piece arrives. We've had to wait quite a while to get some of our purchases as well. We bought a combine from them the beginning of March and we just heard the other day that is in now.
  15. Is your local deere dealer a Gooseneck dealer by chance?
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