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  1. AMEN and AMEN......another thank you for sharing.
  2. Some years ago, I was in a TN Civil War Re-enactors outfit. A guy with a 6 team of mules pulled an original 12 pounder cannon with casein. It was quite a show to watch him and his team maneuver. It was said that those caseins did not have any brakes and the teams, would have to out run the casein, to keep it from running over the team. Not sure if this is correct or not.
  3. Hey Guys, I don't own any dogs but, can I still join this thread?
  4. Noooo, it's probably the other stuff.
  5. Words Of Wisdom by Bushwacker Always remember to keep a limber timber and you'll never be beat.
  6. Sounds like the free knife, might become an expensive knife. LOL Just my usual luck.
  7. WORDS TO LIVE BY What's the difference between Beer Nuts and Dear Nuts? Beer Nuts are a Dollar, and Deer Nuts are always under a Buck.
  8. Absolutely beautiful knives. I like all knives but don't collect anything except dirt at home. Did get lucky a couple of years ago. Was in the pickup, driving, had to pull over, for some trash was about to get airborne in the bed. When I walked around the passenger side I looked down and noticed a new looking hunting knife but with no sheath. It has a slight flaw, has a bent tip. I carried it home and tossed it into a kitchen drawer. Just wonder how to straighten that tip, without breaking it?
  9. Heavens yes, but when you leave something behind it is usually a MESS. or a PILE OF MESS.
  10. Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys Hank Thompson Sons Of The Pioneers All of their Songs.
  11. Extended fenders or mudflaps then I believe ya got something.
  12. Looks good and nice work on the rods, probably better than new. Now test it out, running it in mud up to the hood and if it runs for more than 30 min. like that it is a great keeper.
  13. Man, if I was to have one of those forges, I would have all kinds of friends that I didn't need. Good Job.
  14. Sorry to hear you guys losing a friend. I try not to have them because of that, then I don't go home sad and blue. My prayers go out to all that knew him and his families and hope that the prayers are comforting ones and I know that time heals some things. PRAYERS
  15. I wonder how well it will plow when all is done?
  16. I've known shops to use Brake Fluid pored into cylinders and leave for several days, with very good results.
  17. Bout to forget the ole 68 F100 we had. Thanks for the memories. Ours had a 360V with 3 on the fly. No frilles just a good ole truck. I only have a slide photo of the truck and me in the winter of 70. Oh, it was a wheat color with regular plain hub caps. I would occasionally drive it to school and work while my dad used my 1966 Red Galaxy Hdtop. We had Fords since 1955. Had a lot to do with the A Plan Discount. Thanks for sharing your Fords
  18. Looks like it needs a name change and some tractors "IH of course" to make it complete again.
  19. Score Card: Pecan Tree 1 vs Tractor 0 Tractor was on Alcohol, chasing a pecan tree and pecan tree won. End of Story
  20. You don't have to thank us, but you will need to send President Trump, several hundred dollars and your vote next Presidential Election or we'll have to terminate you from this web-site.
  21. Very nicely done and will give lots of years of pleasure. Keep the photos coming. Thanks for sharing your project.
  22. I would think that the adjustment bolt is not adjusted the right amount of clearance, hince the term, pedal to the floor sort of speak. Just my guess.
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