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  1. When did they stop using Leeches to cleans the spirits and go to this ? Looks like it would take way too much time this way.
  2. Yea they do remind me of the old bumper jacks we used back in the Mideviel Days. Nice to have level ground for it's ( Proper) use.
  3. I bet a many magazines wound up outside in the Outhouse. We had a Twin Holer that had His & Hers side with many magazines stacked up in the corners also a Sears & Roebutte to, with a Fly Swatter.
  4. Well it's only money and money won't spend itself. I'm a Antique Warbird fan also. Flew Old Red Nose P 51 Mustang back in 05 out of Falcon Field ( Atlanta) area. Flew a Stearman bi-plane back in 01 out of Creve Couir Airport Missouri. Just bragging a little, it was awesome. You wear the parachutes while everything is original except no bomb sites. Government takes those out before chopping or selling those birds.
  5. Maybe time to go out to a small, local Airport and ask to go up. They will put you in the left seat and show you some control time in flight. I'm thinking Cessna Aircraft like a 150 or 172. a Piper Cub would be too much of a challenge at first.
  6. Hey Steve, did anyone know what caused Jeff to destroy that P 38 on TO? I have one of his last DVD's.
  7. I feed only Hummers hear. They can be fun to watch. But I like the Woodpeckers best.
  8. Good to hear ya got it under control. Even the dogs or cogs on your throttle can get worn and cause similar issues.
  9. X 3 Shroud is definitley a must. Not to say other matters such as the radiator flushed or recoured. Shroud directs the flow of air, straight and not all over the atmosphere.
  10. Now that is the kind of bike i've been waiting for........doesn't have a kick stand, holds itself up. When is this going to happen? (A New Bike in your Garage)
  11. We did, the POOR Tennessee Tax Payers and the help of Tourists that think this one horse town is the best thing since sliced bread. Some of my 2 cents worth.
  12. Many of you may not approve but if my battery needs charged then I take the battery out of the tractor and open up the caps to see if distilled water needs added then charge the battery on a 2 amp charger over night. Yes it is trouble doing this but heck what isn't?
  13. One thing might be for sure, Is save money and groceries.
  14. How about some Satin Sheets. Something both could enjoy?
  15. And looks like this one was worth repeating. LOL
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