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  1. Now......look who's bragging. Look out Ethel.
  2. Thanks guys.......believe it or not my best friend from high school even called me last night and wished me a good BD. I was surprised.
  3. Stop wearing them dependsents.
  4. Got invited to a girls house one night,. Noticed that when I got there, a guy friend was already there. In the window of her parents house, she was sitting in the window, in the dark. Well a whole lot was happening, and next thing ya know another guy comes up to me and next thing is said, quick......go to the open garage, in back of the house. We go inside and wait for her to come there.Well as we waited a few minutes pass and look out the garage and some car lights are coming down the driveway. OH!!!! $&^* it's her parents, and we are caught red handed. As we walk pass the car, her parents recognize us boys. To make a long story short.......we got buy with no problems.
  5. HMMM......let's see. It takes the Spark Plugs out????? ?
  6. H*$# NOOOO, I never want anymore Nursing Homes. Can't stand to smell my own pee & crap, not less someone elses. Mom was in several for 4 LONG YEARS and died in the Legendary Gallatin Nursing Home, from recent TV telecast Covid-19 deaths. I hope my ticker goes out before I lose all of my brain cells.
  7. At 6 years old I started playing with girls......... haven't stopped. Now if that is not dangerous enough, I don't know what is.
  8. We used to put used motor oil around the base of the house and never had a problem. Poured it under the house, around the foundation. Just don't get to bragging about it if you go that route. It works really well.
  9. AMEN and AMEN......another thank you for sharing.
  10. Yes Bob Ross was a good artist and on that canvas he was painting some Happy little snow.
  11. Some years ago, I was in a TN Civil War Re-enactors outfit. A guy with a 6 team of mules pulled an original 12 pounder cannon with casein. It was quite a show to watch him and his team maneuver. It was said that those caseins did not have any brakes and the teams, would have to out run the casein, to keep it from running over the team. Not sure if this is correct or not.
  12. Absolutely, I get plenty of positive feed back from people at work when I've had popcorn with garlic salt. I have to use ZOOM then.
  13. If you eat plenty of BEANS during this virus issue then, no one wants to come close to you anyway, so that can help keep people away. It works for me, so far.
  14. I can only imagine what she is saying to him. " You would feel much better if you would let me shave those nubs."
  15. Could be he is chasing the car thief, and what better way than to chase them with a big red machine. Could that be one of the Red Power Member?
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