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  1. Me too. I still get the slobbering but less often now. Joann Rollins & Patti Griggs when I was in school about a hundred years ago. Funny how we can still remember them. They probably look awful now.
  2. Bushwacker1


    I Love IT. Best response. I still don't know. I guessed our country was not being fair about trading with some other country was my guess. I was at work in the basement, as usual, and didn't know about it until I went to the airport that afternoon for my flight training class. I got a rude awakening when my CFI told me everything was down. Go home and wait for further instructions. Which I never got the call.
  3. A Rose, is a Rose, Is a Rose, any way you look at it.
  4. I have seen this before and have used a machine shop to tell me a good fix for this. Since it has a mechanical cam, and needs periodical adjustments ( If you love your equipment ) is to purchase locking nuts so they will stay in place. Some of the speed shops can help with a good solution.
  5. I would guess someone has covered the exhaust with something, even a tin can would help a lot.
  6. Bushwacker1


    Which leg? She B holding that, no problem.
  7. If you could figure a way to put a mowing deck on front, I bet it would sell.
  8. Bushwacker1


    Hey, it's probably time for a Mrs. Chubs because he 's going to be needing a little ________ while he's laid up. Hate to know that I was laid up and not getting any _________. A great mutt owner, would have thought of it, but thought it was a good time to recommend. LOL . Poor Chubs has to eat dumplins instead.
  9. Sorry to hear you guys losing a friend. I try not to have them because of that, then I don't go home sad and blue. My prayers go out to all that knew him and his families and hope that the prayers are comforting ones and I know that time heals some things. PRAYERS
  10. My dad bought a pair of HYTest boots, they look like the first ones on this page, back in the late 50's to hunt in, and said he wore them out and gave to me back in 1970. I wore them to work and used them for motorcycle boots, etc. etc.. Finally the sole wore out but the leather was still good. I didn't try and get them re-soled so threw them away. I think about any of the boots that your interested in are a good buy.
  11. They also have some Redneck trolley Tours and Fun time Trolley Tours. If you want a very nice dinner, then Jimmy Kelly's is in an old Antebellum home near Centennial Park on 217 Louise Ave. 615-329-4349....BE Warned that in old homes the rooms are small. The sky is the limit in Nashville.
  12. Any Cracker Barrel Restaurant carries the GOO GOO Candies and if you want the real deal, the Goo Goo Shop is 116 3rd Ave. South, of Broadway. Opens at 10a.m. closes by 7p.m. many people eat at Jacks BBQ but are pricey. My preferred BBQ restaurant is Famous Daves in Hermitage, just east of Nashville about 12 miles, 1 mile south of Lebanon Road on Old Hickory Blvd. I might add that many of the younger folks like to visit The Gulch area for their eating pleasures. It starts at 12th Ave. South off Broadway. Many folks like Martins BBQ but I have not had the pleasure, because I don't like the long wait in lines. General Jackson Riverboat ( Paddle Wheeler ) has a good Dinner Cruise and Show. It is located at 2812 Opryland Drive and take you down the Cumberland River to Downtown Nashville and back.
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