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  1. Bushwacker1

    Bitty and Tjoker are getting older today!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY.......... RIP 😀
  2. Bushwacker1

    another OSHA alert

    They checking out the Bat population and tagging the wings. I see top ladder Levitating in the air from the Hot Air in the ceiling.
  3. Bushwacker1

    prayer request

    Tennessee Prayers sent.
  4. Bushwacker1

    Happy Birthday

    Happy B Day.........( PUTT"S ) 😎
  5. Bushwacker1

    Ultrasonic parts cleaner

    You don't have to thank us, but you will need to send President Trump, several hundred dollars and your vote next Presidential Election or we'll have to terminate you from this web-site.
  6. Bushwacker1

    Would rather see the other picture

    Mighta seen a brown eye back there.
  7. Bushwacker1

    Garth brooks concert

    What Army was that? The Village People were considered GAY GUYS. LOL
  8. Bushwacker1

    Oil filters

    Air Force Torque.....tighten until you strip the threads and then back off a little. Oh! make sure the gasket is dry so it will leak just a smidgen.
  9. Bushwacker1

    More Scenic Nebraska

    Nice photos.........I was lookin to see if any of them Flying Saucers or UFO was in any of your photos but could not find any. I guess those little suckers are too small for the human eye.
  10. Bushwacker1

    Retirement village

    Not as bad as the brown sludge raining down.
  11. Bushwacker1

    Jensales 560 D manual package

    I bought one Jensales Manual for my Super M, this year, and was not sure if I had bought the correct manual, at first. But as I kept looking through it, I finally decided that it was totally straight forward with no thrills and few pictured diagrams. Well I kept it and have made use of it.
  12. Bushwacker1

    Retirement village

    I hope your getting along fine with the NAZI's in the green and white High Rise across from you.
  13. Bushwacker1

    test photo

    Testing, Testing 1 2
  14. Bushwacker1

    IH sweet corn pickers

    Coons mostly like RAP Music R & B, but Classical Music puts them to sleep.
  15. Bushwacker1

    Combative Forum Members

    When you come to know a fellow, know his joys and know his cares, When you come to understand him and the burden that he bears, When you've learned the fight he's making and the troubles in his way, Then you'll find that he is different than you, thought him yesterday, You'll find his faults are trivial and there's not so much to blame In the fellow that you sneered at when you merely knew his name. You are quick to note the blemish in a distant neighbor's style You may talk of all his errors and may sneer at him the while And your prejudices fatten and your hates more violent grow When you talk about the failures of the man you do not know But when you draw a little closer and your heads and shoulders touch You'll find the faults you hated really don't amount to much Thanks to my late Mother, you will always be remembered in my heart, for her patients and understanding.