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  1. You can have Bond anytime, but I want Miss Galore. I'll let you ponder on her first name.
  2. The insurance companies say act of God. Funny it always seems that people want to blame God for their problems. Why not blame the Devil?
  3. Sorry you lost him for a short while, but your going to visit him someday.
  4. Ahh, Rednecks.......where would this country be without them.
  5. I like those C60's but don't need one. On the other hand......it is a good idea to carry with you in a truck etc. a bag of sand, so you can get moving without a mishap. I carry a bag all winter in my 2 trucks and throw out a handfull if need be.
  6. I be expecting a large check or cash any day now from ya. I'll send a thank you note later.
  7. Old couple were celebrating their 50th wedding Anniversary when softly the old man was crying, when the old lady saw him, she goes over and asks if he's alright. The old man says, do you remember when we were 15 and your daddy who was a sheriff caught us? She said yes........? And remember he said that I either had to marry you or spend 50 years in jail? Old lady nods to yes. Old man says, well today I could have been a free man.
  8. Been looking for something PINK most of my teenage and adult life, also.
  9. If you had just ran the straight pipe away from your ear, you could have kept the enormous loads of horse power.
  10. Been using smoke signals for many years and haven't had any problems. But, just the other day, I turned around at my desk and noticed some strange people sitting around with their legs folded, passing around what looked like a big pipe with a feather attached to it. I just wish they would go get some cloths on, around me.
  11. Sounds like the free knife, might become an expensive knife. LOL Just my usual luck.
  12. And bet he was coming over to thank you , for taking care of him and saving his life and gets popped. SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFF with BIG TEARS. Just goes to show you.......ya just can't trust anybody, not even a nice ( MURDERER ) farmer.
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