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  1. The original brakes on my 6 are Vacuum. So, obviously, I"m going to have to either figure out a way to create vacuum or replace the braking system. And yes, I plan on reinforcing the frame for sure. The few trucks I saw at various shows laminated the frames to help strengthen them.
  2. The original engine is complete and runs, but clearly needs a full rebuild. That doesn't worry me at all as I plan on keeping the original engine and transmission anyway. The plans for this truck is to take one of my antique tractors or engines to local shows. I don't want to simply put the sheet metal on a newer truck, but want to keep this truck as original as possible, and have the power and reliability of a newer diesel engine.
  3. I'm finally knee deep in disassembly with my KB6 I acquired last year. Overall, frame is solid and so is most of the truck. The fenders have the usual rust out and I will be doing a lot of patch work on them. I'm getting the frame ready to send out for blasting. I do have some questions about re-powering this old girl. I met some folks at various vintage truck shows that did a great job of fitting a Cummins 6BT with little modifications. It's tight, but it does fit without hacking out the firewall or removing the radiator. What I learned was that the starter must be on the drivers side, which seems to be difficult to locate a bell housing with that configuration. Another thought would be to install an International T444e. Measurements seem to add up, but was wondering if anyone did this? I would like to keep with the international theme and thought that the T444e may be a better option. Although I would need to deal with the electronics versus going with a Cummins 6BT 12V p-pump. And if I go with one of these engines, what standard transmissions fit the bill? I would also like to try and reuse the original parking break if possible. Any thoughts, suggestions and photos of other builds? Thanks, --Bill
  4. btremel

    Save this KB 8

    Saw this on facebook. I hate to see this go to the scrap yard. Anyone interested? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/341405449974774/ It's a KB8
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