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  1. That's a nice job.But I don't care for the front wheels.They look like a Massey's wheels.
  2. RDH

    Birthdays 2-27-2019

    Happy Birthday yall
  3. Happy Birthday Yall

  4. RDH

    Happy birthday 5488 & others

    Happy Birthday!
  5. RDH

    McCormick C85 transmission questions.

    I have a cx100 and it only has a highlow shift not a 3 speed.
  6. Also the PTO rod will let it in if the rubber boot is damaged.
  7. RDH

    Is there a better starting engine?

    I worked on a farm and we had a 96 ford 8340 . That was the best starting tractor that I ever seen.My 3588 takes 2nd place.It starts very good also.
  8. RDH

    Happy Birthday, Equipment junkie

    Happy Birthday!
  9. RDH

    Say a prayer for

    Prayers sent.
  10. RDH

    Bale Kickers

    Have one and don't use it. to slow .I can back up and dump much faster. Mine works like the deere in picture.Hyd.
  11. RDH

    McCormick CX105 no startup

    Make sure the pto is not engaged
  12. Make sure the PTO is not engaged.

  13. Yes that's Donnie Thomas. His brother's name is Joe. I live 20 miles from him.I don't know if he still has the tractor or not.Will ask him next time I see him
  14. RDH

    CX 100 motor problem

    Update on the tractor.Shop pulled the pan and the balancer bolts were loose.1 had broke off 2 were out and three were still on but loose. Have never heard of them doing that the shop says the balancer looks ok .I guess will put it back and see if it holds.