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  1. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    Ok I got the hitch working.I took the solenoids and the guts that screw in the housing out and switched them. Started the tractor and it seemed ok. hit the rocker switch and it worked ok. Don;t know bit thinking that the part that the solenoid slides on might be bad. Thanks for yalls help on it.
  2. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    OK will go there next. I think that the one close to the left side is the one that raises it .{ Right.} Then the one in the center lets it down.
  3. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    OK took the valve out thats in front and to the side of the solenoid valves and it seemed to be ok .Polished ir up and put it back in. Started the tractor with the electronics unhooked and it raised back up and went to high pressure again. What should I look for next?
  4. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    I took the seat out and started looking the top of the hitch over. I unhooked the wires on the cyliniods {sp} and started the tractor and the hitch raised up and went to labouring again. It just about has to be a pressure relief valve .At least that's what Im thinking.Am I wrong?
  5. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    Still havn't got the tractor fixed yet. I took the 2500psi valve out of the bottom of the mc valve to check and it was clean. I think it should have one or some relief valve on the hitch. Any help please.
  6. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    The display shows -. in red of course. No numbers. Also thanks for helping me.
  7. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    It doesn't have any other numbers that pop up on it.
  8. RDH

    CX 100 problem.

    The 3 pt hitch has went to high pressure.When you start it the hitch goes up and starts to labor.It has lost all the remotes on it. I have tried every button switch on it. Where do I start looking?
  9. Prayers from N,C. for a good out come.
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