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  1. Hey Mmi do you still have any of these parts available? A response would be appreciated.
  2. I replied to a post about t-340 parts and I see you replied. Do you have any parts available still for these machines?

  3. Hey Mimi do you still have any parts as seen in the pics?if so are you interested in selling anything?
  4. I might be interested in some of the lower rollers what would you be asking for one roller ?
  5. Hey Kentucky what'll ya charge for a set of those bushings or did you not make them yourself?
  6. Trying to come up with a seal replacement for the final drive on a t-340. It seems that the seal manufacturers jump right over this size. Has anyone had luck with any kind of replacement seal? I don't care if I have to read sleeve the sprocket to increase diameter . I'm just having no luck finding a replacement seal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Do you have any parts left as I see this post started quite some time ago? I'm looking for idlers and steering clutches.thanks.
  8. Have these parts been sold yet and how do I contact the seller?
  9. I'm looking for a good cylinder head for a t-340A. Are there any tractor models that utilize this same head ? If so what are they ? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. The early block ser. # is26379 and the 340a block ser.# is112134. The parts I am looking for would be for the early block. What I'm looking for is a sleeve piston and set of rings. I also read somewhere that these early engines shared slot of internals with the farmall m tractor engine. Can anyone share experience with this theory as I believe those parts would be more readily available?
  11. I did just walk out to garage and counted.and MMO is correct the early one has 9 head bolts and the later has 14. Looks like I'm gonna have to replace one sleeve and rings etc. From the early engine as I do not have a decent head for the later version. Any suggestions as to where to buy cylinder sleeve , rings etc for the early version. 340 ?
  12. Sorry haven't been here in awhile. Thank you everyone for the info. From what you guys are saying my idea of using the cylinder head from my t-340 on a t-340a will not work. pardon my stupidity I never checked amount of head bolts from engine to engine I just assumed they would be the same.
  13. My reading on these forums has led me to believe that a t-340 crawler engine is different from a t-340a crawler engine .is my understanding correct that the later version the "a" has more horsepower and also a different block configuration even though they are are both considered to be a c-135 engine? Any help would be greatly appreciated .
  14. There was a t-340 sold at auction recently in Syracuse area of new York .I'm just curious what it sold for. I intended on going to auction but something came up at last minute.
  15. Thanks for the input. I am going to repair the original c-135 engine just enough to run so I can determine whether the crawler is worth putting any money into. I got it for scrap price engine rebuilt recently only to have rain cap stuck open. I'll redo the two bad cylinders and see what else is wrong or bad with crawler. After inspection realize tracks aren't in very good condition. Seems to be common with these .oh well may be a parts machine if all else fails. Thanks again for your input.
  16. Is the engine a gas or diesel? If gas I may be interested depending on condition.
  17. I'm looking for a replacement engine for my t-340 crawler. I understand that it is a c-135 engine which was commonly used in various international applications. My question is will a farmall " m" tractor engine bolt up to a t-340 crawler transmission ?. I don't care about front block mounts etc. I'm just curious about the rear of the block mating to a t-340 crawler transmission. If anyone has any insight on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  18. It's a shame that companies that have the wherewithal to produce replacement parts for these machines don't want to produce these parts as there see!ms to be a demand for them albeit maybe a small demand. I guess I'll keep looking for used machines that have better parts than mine.
  19. I know this topic has been beaten to death but I am new to this site and am looking for track replacement options. From what I have read on here I understand replacement parts are no longer available. Are there other machines out there that you could say replace the drive sprocket and then install a track of different make. Also I see some companies out there advertising these new rubber tracks to fit " any machine". Is this an option ? Just curious. Thank you for any replies.
  20. Hey hoodleydoo I see you're not too far from me.i gather from reading your various posts that you have a parts machine or two. I'm looking for a complete engine to put in my t-340. Would you happen to have any or any t-340 parts available?
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