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  1. 2 more pictures of these one man cabs. Really like the butterfly hood on the 190 cab
  2. Hey there thanks for the positive input I think I’ve narrowed it down ( no pun) included to the R190 series 1968 or older I think 1969 they were bringing in the loadstars. I might be looking for that needle in the hay stack. To mike yea your right it’s gonna be tight they should have called it the ugly wife cab or divorce cab.
  3. Hey there to all the members I just joined this site last week in hopes of finding a certain truck I want. I’ve been looking for a IH truck that’s been called more names then Hillary Clinton, i think it’s called a steel hauling truck they have a hatch top roof for access when loaded I’ve also heard it called a one man cab truck or pipe truck or solo man truck or hatch roof truck etc, whatever it’s called I want one anybody know where one is sitting ideally I’d like a older rounder cab diesel model, thanks
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