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  1. Thanks all, that gives me a pretty good idea of what i am getting into. I am going to investigate if i have a low hydraulic pressure issue that may be keeping it from engaging, but something tells me that there is a good chance that someone has been in there before and has probably gone the $400 straight shaft route on this tractor. Mudfly, sorry i didn't mention the low hydraulic pressure issue i may be experiencing. I now realize that it is relevant to this problem as the TA is hydraulically activated. I have so many problems with this tractor i just bought that i am trying to keep them in separate posts. The TA not working was one of the problems i was just going to live with, but when i realized yesterday that my main clutch is also on the way out, i figured i better investigate the TA issue as well as it looks like i will be splitting this tractor. Right now i am trying to plan all the work i need to do on this thing. I am currently welding the cast iron brackets that support the 3-point hitch arms because the last owner let the arms wear out, and then they fell off their own sockets and rubbed half way thru the cast support mounts. On top of all this i am now noticing that raw oil is blowing out the exhaust so you may see a post on it in the future. This one upsets me a little, I knew this tractor needed all the loader pins re-done and all the shift linkages adjusted, but i was told that the motor had been recently re-built, so i figured i at least had a fresh engine. If you have seen my other post, you will also know that my 4wd clutches also need to be replaced. This is what happens when you buy a tractor at night in the rain. I had just missed out on a similar tractor on Craig's list the day before and i was determined to not let another one slip thru my fingers. The sick thing is that i think i actually enjoy working on this stuff. Still $8,500 for an 80HP 4x4 tractor with a cab is a heck of a deal in my neck of the woods. Mine just turned out to not be quite the deal i had hoped it was. Oh well, a few hundred dollars in clutches, some pin work on the loader, and some tin work, and this thing will be a decent tractor again. I already have many of the linkages working again, so it now goes into reverse (It was stuck in high range when i bout it). My project this last spring was a Massey Ferguson 65 that had been recently abandoned and shoved into the trees. My 12 year old son and I took her home, broke the brakes loose, fixed the injector pump & put in a new head gasket. I put a couple of hundred hours on her this year before i sold it to make sure it was trustworthy again. Not only did we have our hobby paid for, but it is nice to see old iron up and running again, i am sure it will continue to plow snow for years to come.
  2. I have just recently purchased an IH784 that needs a lot of TLC to say the least. The linkage to the TA seems to be working OK, but moving it forward or backwards has no effect, the tractor continues to drive at the same speed, so i assume my problems are deep in the tractor. I have a basic manual, but it doesn't cover the TA system, probably because it was optional on my tractor. I have heard that there is an adjustment process that should be completed, and i am wondering if anyone can share it with me? In other news, i put the tractor under a real load for the first time today and my main clutch is slipping as well, so it looks like i will have to split my tractor. While i am in there i would like to get the TA working again. Assuming that adjusting the TA does not fix it, is there a common mode of failure for these things. It would be nice to have a good idea of what i need to fix (and how to get at it) before i split the tractor open. Any good recommendations on a manual that will cover this? Thanks in advance, the link below is to the schematic of my tractors TA and TA linkage. https://www.messicks.com/cas/60177?sectionId=59928&diagramId=60177_373823 https://www.messicks.com/cas/60177?sectionId=59928&diagramId=60177_373988
  3. Thanks for the help, the diagram you sent me will come in handy. But i think it is now working good that the lever for the remotes is in the proper position (It was stealing power from the loader before). I am going to focus now on getting the slop out of the loader mounts and repairing the excessively loose linkages on my loader controller shown in picture 1. Thank you all for your help and advice with my problem.
  4. 1st picture is of my controls 2nd is where my loader gets its supply on the right side of the tractor under the seat.
  5. I see what you mean, but i have adjusted it so that all the way forward is just where there is no tension on the linkage at all. If i take the linkage right off it simply stays slack and the 4wd is still able to slip under load.
  6. Thanks guys. Yes the hand lever is forward for 4wd and to the rear for 2wd. I adjusted the outside hub to just take out all the slack and i now have 2wd with the when i pull the hand lever to the rear. Unfortunately because it was run for so long with it cammed over backwards with the clutches half engaged, my clutches must be worn out as my 4wd is slipping when any sort of a load is put it. The manual my tractor came with must be a cheap one as it doesn't cover the 4wd. Does anyone have a description of how to change the clutches. I have the parts diagram so i will just start taking it apart, hopefully there are not tricks to it or small pieces that will go flying? Thanks again for you help
  7. My loader is connected to the right of the seat and the return goes back under the right axle. When tracing these lines i noticed the control to my remotes effect my loader as well. This control was hung up and effecting the power to my front loader. It seems to operate OK now and can lift the tractor (slowly) at an idle. It still seems a little slow to respond so i may have some pressure/flow issues, but the tractor has more serious issues i will need to address first. I will change the hydraulic fluid and the filter this week sometime and see if this improves the situation. Also aggravating the problem was the delay to lift the tractor due to all of the loose pins and the entire loader not being set back on the machine properly. I have attached a picture of how my quick connect loader is not sitting back on the machine all of the way as well as the bolt that is keeping it from slipping back off the tractor. Not too sure what the factory originally used, but i am sure this is not it. I am thinking of making a 1/4 inch metal strap that i can bolt on to pull the loader back all the way and keep it there. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks for the info, i didn't even notice that part 7 hub/boss/housing was adjustable and eccentric. I rotated it back forward today and bent the linkage back into shape best i could. I now have a lot of free play at the bottom, so i will try to adjust that out tomorrow. Right now the 4wd is sort of engaged when i pull the 4wd lever towards the rear of the tractor, and it is somewhat more engaged when i push it to the front of the tractor. My sticker is missing on that lever, does anyone know which direction is 2wd and which is 4wd? Also, i still suspect my clutch is wore out as the tractor has probably been driving the past few years with the linkage cammed over and dragging the clutch.
  9. Thank you all for the good ideas, i never thought about the possibility of water being in the system. I will pick up a 5000psi gauge, but i think i already know it is not making proper pressure. I managed to pressure spray the tractor off today to see what bought. This thing is in such rough shape i am actually ashamed to bring it into the dealer. All broken springs have been replaced with bungee cords, and they let the 3 point hitch arms wear out so bad that they have fallen off their ball and have worn half way thru the tractors mounts. All lost loader and linkage pins have been replaced with excessively loose fitting bolts, etc etc etc. But i am determined to go thru it and make it a fully functional tractor once again. I will let you know what i find out if i can get to the loader issue this week sometime.
  10. Update. I just noticed my control lever on the PTO case points towards the rear of the tractor and not the front like in the diagram. I believe the last owner had it adjusted wrong and pulled it all the way to the top and it is now trying to go back down towards the rear of the tractor instead of the front. I will pull it forwards tomorrow and see if this fixes it. https://www.messicks.com/cas/60177?sectionId=59928&diagramId=60177_375088
  11. Level is up. Don't think i have the equipment to do any accurate pressure or flow checks. Good idea to simply check the filter, i will start there.
  12. One more problem I am hoping someone may be able to help me with. I just purchased an IH 784 4x4 tractor and i would like to make it great again. This thing has been neglected for quite some time. The factory quick attach loader can not even lift up the front end of the tractor until i rev it up to about 50% throttle. I am thinking that my hydraulic pump may be worn out, or possibly i have a pressure relief valve somewhere that is leaking. Any thoughts on what my problem could be? Not too sure where to start checking? PS: I have the newer style H pattern shifter and it is a 4WD tractor with the Z-H front end. Thanks
  13. Just bought a used IH 784 and have been using these forums to fix many of the common problems. Hopefully someone here can help me figure out what i have going on with my 4WD. My 4x4 lever flops around within the back half of its travel. When i try to push it forward (into what i believe is 2WD) it feels like it hits a solid stop at the half way point. My linkage is connected properly and the front tires are definitely engaged all the time. I pushed into a dirt pile and i can see that when i start to put a load on the front tires, the clutch that drives them starts to slip and they stop turning even though the back tires are still turning. It is acting like it is stuck half way in 4WD, and i believe this may be the situation? Otherwise the clutch may simply be worn out and possibly the yoke or some other part has broken from the previous owner wrenching on it too hard? I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this situation? Everything looks easy to get at, is there any trick to pulling the case apart to get in there and see what is going on? PS, i have the Z-F style front axle, not the KIMCO. The links below show my 4WD linkage and front drive train including the clutch. (They call it the front PTO clutch) https://www.messicks.com/cas/60177?sectionId=59928&diagramId=60177_375099 https://www.messicks.com/cas/60177?sectionId=59928&diagramId=60177_375088 Thanks in advance for your help.
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