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  1. Thank you. I need to get a better manual on this .
  2. I am starting on the second TD 9 We picked up and I am not sure where # 1 cylinder is on this ? Does it begin at the radiator side as 1 then 4 at the flywheel end ? I don't have a schematic. I will have to install the injector pump as it off when I got this . I have to figure out all the alinements to time this thing . Any help would be appreciated. Update on the first TD9 , got it running! Starts on gas and switches to diesel easy, everything seems to work ! Even the Cargo winch on the back ! Thanks for the help on that one .
  3. Excellent idea . Already have started this , as our 50 plus inches of rainy season has started. Thanks!
  4. Thanks I drained it all and no trash must of been alot of condensation in the last 12 years of setting!
  5. Hello guys , anyone out there have an idea on flushing out the transmission on this TD 9 ? I had added almost 2 gallons of gear oil to bring it up to the fill mark only to use it abit and checked the level and noticed it was foamy ! Water in it ? Should I just drain it all out and start with new , or flush it with some diesel then refill ? Thanks for your advice
  6. Wow My son in-law and I worked for hrs heating , lubing to get little results on freeing the cross shaft that runs through the case finally I got a pipe wrench and twisted it free ! Had to dress up the shaft after the assault with the pipe wrench. Put it all back together and fired it up on gas . Thanks for your help .
  7. Wow , 2 hrs of heating tapping, prying, rocking side to side finally allowed linkage arm to move and it did come off ! Friction discs stayed in tact until set to soak in a bucket of diesel. With a few raps of a ball pin hammer 🔨 and she come apart like a one dollar watch ! After all that the cross shaft is still not turning, but I will start the heat on that later ! Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Thanks Mmi I will try that tomorrow! I'll let everyone know the results!
  9. Thanks Sam86 ! That looks like mine ! I'll try it again tomorrow
  10. I did remove three bolts but it pulls away from engine case maybe 1/4 inch only . I don't want to pry on anything because I'm not sure how it should come free . I have used pb blaster every direction around & Under that bell . A real head scratcher. It spins a bit left and right but not away from the case . Thanks
  11. Thanks for the help guys ! I really appreciate this club . I am swaying towards the friction discs , as everything else linkage wise is removed . Now I have to get that bell shaped unit off ??? It acts like it is hung on something! I don't have a schematic of the unit in my jensales manual that came with these crawlers . I ll keep lubing it and trying to wiggle something. I have got the throttle arm to move some, but it feels like 2 men & a boy are holding the other end from moving . Thanks again ! I welcome any advice .
  12. I have soaked valves with atf . I also removed linkage that operates the flapper for intake . No movement on the cross shaft . My other ones even have endplay horizontally. Still scratching my head ! I see in one diagram showing friction discs on the injector side of motor , but i cant get the bell shaped cover off ? Thanks
  13. 🙁 I just picked up a few TD 9 and trying to understand why the throttle and gas/ diesel lever are frozen solid ! I have lubed and oiled but the main cross shaft that passes through the engine is not moving ! I've thought about taking some heat to the bushing areas against the case , after i peeled off some levers . I have one TD9 that the levers work fine so I can see how they work . Starting to drive me nuts,any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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