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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. This forum is filled with valuable information. Mine does have the light behind the header switch and it did buzz when it shut the head off. So I think I will pull it in the shop and try bypassing the module behind the dash and see if that is the problem
  2. Hi all. I had such good results on here last time with my speedometer issues. last night while combining corn the header shut off. It would start back up and then quit again. To keep us going, ran a jumper wire from the battery directly to the solenoid under the cab. So now when I engage the combine, the header starts up. Any ideas on what would disrupt power to the solenoid that control the header engagement?
  3. I was able to get the mph on the tach to register thank to the help from above. I had to run a new brown w/yellow wire from just where the wire entered the cab to the tach and it fixed the problem.
  4. Thank you so much for all the replies. My next move is to check the continuity of the brown/yellow wire. I will report my findings
  5. Hi all . I am a first time poster but a long time guest reader. I am going to be running a new to me 1460 combine this fall, if the weather ever cooperates. My problem is that I cant get a mph reader at the tach. So far I have tried a different tach and two different speed sensors with no change. I am assuming that I have a wiring issue somewhere, but need some advice as to where to start and how to diagnose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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