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  1. I believe I may have figured it out, had filters off and opened fuel valve and it barely dripped out. Took fuel lines off and checked for obstructions and notice the inlet line coming into the primary filter had a bend in it and was nearly squished flat. Bent the line back some and then opened fuel valve back up and it pours out now. Napa had one filter in stock the other will be here Saturday morning. so I will go get filter and put it on and then see where we are. But I believe it had a fuel restriction in the line. Possibly trash in the line. One filter had an adapter which is a cupped looking washer I assume. but one did not. Filters were also different part numbers.
  2. Didn't think about that, I did notice that one filter was quite a bit heavier than the other, couldn't see any trash. I did just add fuel but it came out of my tank in the back of the truck which is filtered.
  3. Oil was low in the pump. I added oil but the gauge did not come up after I added oil. So I pulled filters and they are different. i do still have the adapter for the different filter. When it dropped pressure the dozer lost all power and wouldn't accelerate as I was attempting to dig a hole to bury brush piles. Added oil and the gauge didn't come up but the dozer ran better had my power back but was uneasy about running it. So I pulled filters.
  4. Ran into another issue today, injection pump fuel oil pressure gauge was showing change filter, so I am going to change the filters. I also checked the oil and it was low on the pump I added oil and gauge was still showing change filters. Is there anything I need to check if new filters do not help?
  5. Well I couldn't find any crush washers, ended up using an o-ring and it worked flawlessly. But now I have broken the exhaust getting to close to trees. But it's not the first time looks like previous owner welded on the manifold. Was thinking about replacing the manifold but I am unable to find anything online.
  6. Would anyone happen to have a part number or know where to find the copper crush washer that goes under the oil filter nut? I thought about trying an o ring but wasn't sure if anyone had any experience with that. Thanks
  7. The hydraulic pump is hooked to the crank had a bolt holding the pump shaft to the crank and 4 bolts holding the pump on. The worst part was cleaning all the trash out from around the hydraulic pump. I thought about putting the other filter in or at least trying it but I hated for it not to work then not be able to return it to the store.
  8. Well I pulled my filter off and I have two 51149 filters. I had to order one they had the other in stock. Also ordered a belt from napa going to see how that fits. Old belt wasn't too terribly bad to take off but none the less not too fun.
  9. How many gallons of oil does it hold? I assume it takes 15w-40? How would I know if the filters have been modified or not?
  10. Would anyone happen to have the oil filter part number and the fan belt part number? Belt is pretty old and wore looking was thinking about changing it.
  11. There was not a battery when I bought it. But I put a battery on it and wired it for negative ground.
  12. Not sure if it may have started as a loader or not. My grandfather seemed to think it was a dozer, but the blade only moves up and down. The undercarriage is in good condition as well. Also has a spare set of tracks and cleats as well. I only had to pay 500 dollars for the machine. So I'm ecstatic everything seems to work well, no stuck steering clutches or anything. Minus the mag problem!
  13. There is not any spark at the spark plug
  14. Another update, have spark at the points but no spark coming out of the coil/top cover of the mag.
  15. Well the impulse is working. Cleaned the points. but still no spark. I'm suspecting the condenser. I'm going to find one and replace it and see where we are. Also snapped a couple pictures of the ol gal
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