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  1. Good info! I don’t know if I want to go through the extra trouble to convert. Probably use the valves out of this one for mine. Having a hard time find .030 bearings for a reasonable price. 450 for a set of mains on jensales and I couldn’t find .030 rod bearings there though.
  2. I picked up a parts machine earlier. Got a few useable engine parts I can salvage. Front gears and such. But I believe it has a jet head on it. Will that interchange with mine? Mine is not a jet head I think since it doesn’t have the water manifold on the intake side. Only bad thing is the engine had water in it so I’m sure the bottom end is shot.
  3. That’s what I figured they would be worth. I definitely don’t want to spend 2k on one with unknown condition. I hate to say if I can’t find anything local might just have to part mine out.
  4. If I did find an engine what would one be worth?
  5. I checked on it and its a bit far from me.
  6. I have been looking for about a week now. I’m definitely not in a hurry. The motor I found is in a motor grader and they would be pulling it. They also would start and run it before selling, but I wasn’t sure what a engine would go. ill do some digging on the td18a and see if I can find some stuff on it.
  7. I definitely want to fix the old girl. the undercarriage is in pretty decent shape and the trans worked fine and the steering clutches were good. I do believe the right side needed to be adjusted. I’m hoping parts aren’t crazy expensive. when I bought the machine I only have 500 for it. So I don’t think it’s unreasonable to put 1-2k in it.
  8. I’ve got a place near here looking for bearings and pistons and the things I need. I’m shopping prices to see where I can get the best deal. I can see one crack in the head running towards one of the intake valves. But I know a guy who does machine work and he says he can fix it.
  9. I found an engine for 2250. Not sure if it runs or not. I don’t know if that’s a good deal or what they go for. I also am needing the camshaft gear and crank gears. I have an extra idler gear. But I believe what had happened is it slipped the timing and pistons hit the valves and bent the valves on #1 and broke them on #4.
  10. I’m going to pull the head today, ran out of time yesterday. I’m hoping it’s still good.
  11. I’ll look into them! What about the valves? Looks like I’ll have to have some
  12. Pulled the engine this afternoon got the pan off and the engine had dropped a valve on cylinder 4. going to try and find a piston and a set of main and rod bearings. Also need a camshaft gear and the crank gear. They are getting pretty worn.
  13. I figured that would be the trouble is matching the original engine speed/torque. Since everything now days runs 2k rpms. When the weather clears here hopefully around this weekend I’ll get the engine out and pull the pan and see exactly what I need.
  14. I don’t even know what kind of engine would be good to repower it with. Really can’t find any good info online about it. Does anybody know someone who has done something like that?
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