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  1. I tried what you suggested, however it made no difference. Thanks anyway. I am still waiting for both my buddy to free up time to work on it. Might not be till summer. I will update the post when we get into it
  2. No, it has been cold/snow/rain and mud here in central Pa. Andi don't have a garage to work on it in. Most likely not till spring breaks. However I will keep you updated when we begin the process
  3. Yes, mine is exactly like that when I move the forward/ reverse leaver it does move even shows shiny metal when I pull it all the way up. I will disconnect that and give that a try and let you know what happens. Looks like it's just Carter pin that holds the rod to the Bell looking piece I will give it a shot. As always thanks for your time and help. Jim
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I will keep them in mind
  5. Yes, thank you at this point I will try anything. Thanks Jim
  6. The linkage works all the way back to the part with the notch in it (see picture) when I push the believer to move into forward gear the notch part moves back when I push it into reverse the notched part moves forward. So I'm pretty sure my linkage is working. As always thank you for your time
  7. No I do not I have never herd of Parker hydraulics. My only other option was the local tractor repair shop that's why I went to Tractor Supply
  8. I am in central Pennsylvania, I appreciate that if my buddy does not come up with l will let you know
  9. Hello, glad to finally find someone else who owns a 250 a, mine is not stuck in the forward gear but it's hard to shift in a forward gear so for years I just left it in low number 2. That seems to be fast enough for everything I do with the hoe. My problem is no reverse and parts. Have you ever found a source of parts other than hydraulic lines? As far as hydraulic lines go ,when one of mine blows I have been going to Tractor Supply and buying them there and making them up to fit. Some of my hoses are the original hoses yet. Do you have the manuals for this tractor? I am currently looking and a friend of mine says he can get them, although he hasn't yet so I assume he's having trouble. I know they are for sale but if my tractor is dead, I balk on spending money on a dead horse. If you follow this thread then you know my problem. Baby that transmission because it's expensive to fix and parts could be unattainable. But I haven't given up on the old girl yet, as I've had it for more than 20 years best of luck Jim
  10. I am wrong I have a torque converter transmission, and am waiting for the manuals and warmer weather to work on this tractor. I will keep you informed as to what I find. Thanks for your time and help I appreciate it
  11. Rawleigh99, thanks for the help, the peace is shiny on both sides, however one slide is way more shiny than the other. With the cold weather I have not done much. But I do have the manuals comings. Thanks for your time I will keep everyone up to date as to what I find. Thanks all. Jim
  12. Super mechanic, that's what I was told by another mechanic, I am glad that you agree. As I know nothing about it thank you for your reply and your time. The more replies I get the more I will be inclined to see if this tractor can be repaired as always thank you for your time
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