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  1. Wire started smoking so cut ac off and it stopped, has done this a couple times a day. It connects to silver bar in background. Any suggestions to fix?
  2. Has anyone ever seen one set up like this?
  3. Anyone know how shut off works, omg arm only moves half inch, has worked great planting just be nice to close seed holes when moving
  4. Ran a chisel behind it today was very happy with the power and turning.
  5. Found on Craigslist back in October now it’s ready for work. Ruff shape inside cab, trans shaft nut replaced, turbo and exhaust, lots of wires and hoses, but lots of work and family help got it very close to original. Thanks to all who answered questions I posted!
  6. When I put light switch in front headlights and tail lights cut off, if I leave switch hanging not touching console they work fine. Flashers and other lights work great. Any thoughts?
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