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  1. Something goes on the top
  2. Rs3480

    Ih 155

    Thanks for the replies, had it backwards like usual.
  3. Rs3480

    Ih 155

    Will this work in black land or heavy land is what we call it. Guy got it priced right but said it is made for sandy land. Anyone opinions?
  4. Open cab from factory, is there just the regular cab kit or a better weather material I can use. Giving it a makeover
  5. Trying to find wiring harness for open cab 986. Anyone know? Thanks
  6. Turbo is 3 lm from mike. I don’t know wat fuel is set at, I got pump in and put it on.
  7. Been chiseling 13 shank, 24 ft jd 235, and the 3788 pulls great but constantly blows out black smoke. I put a new injector pump on awhile back and at starting sounds like it sucks air then runs fine after a minute. Just wondering how others compare? Does not run but half way on temp gauge.
  8. Rs3480

    3788 exhaust

    Thanks for replies I will try sealer first
  9. Rs3480

    3788 exhaust

    Seal where exhaust enters turbo leaks and is new. Is there anything to fix it other than welding it shut?
  10. Had to include our red power! We are in dirty green country but got a lot of compliments when all four drove through town. The 986, 5488, and 3788 we brought back to life. 5288 bought as a trade in on jd 8300, was and still is in great shape.
  11. Will try that, didn’t want to twist with pipe wrench, it is difficult to reach. Thanks
  12. On 3788, How do you remove oil cap on front axle to check fluid? Mine is stuck and don’t want to ruin it.
  13. I need a windshield wiper and the arm it screws onto for the 5288. Cannot find one from all the big salvage yards. My motor works fine, workhand hit a tree limb and claims didn’t find wiper!?! Who could I check with?
  14. Used motor more in the budget and just taking word from seller on shape it’s in. Just want to make sure it will bolt right up with no mods
  15. Thanks, will look today, replaced oil cooler a year ago so hope that’s not it
  16. Leaking water in oil, also prior to that will not start without ether. Is there a rule book on what details have to be posted? If u have no info then don’t reply!
  17. Opinions on rebuilding or swap out motor with used one? Would a 1086 motor work?
  18. 3788 batteries and cables good, when hit switch lights are on but does nothing. Neutral switch is good, when I used screw driver to jump it, starter just spins doesn’t turn over motor. Any thoughts?
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