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  1. would like to get ripper down 6 more inches, draft set heavy, that’s all it goes down. Around 14-15 inches like it is. Any suggestions?  Ripping pasture land, 20+ years since any plow in field. 3 shanks 38 inches apart. Sorry, leds are bright from mike lol


  2. It’s the range coming loose and binding speed linkage. Was looking at it wrong, so can I remove bolt to see wat is stripped or will something drop down and cause more work?

  3. On the 3788, bolt that screws down into shift cover is stripped. I can’t shift into first when it’s loose. I can snug it up works for awhile. Any suggestions to fix? Thinks it’s 7 or 10 on pic


  4. As I was finishing today it steers very hard left and right, sounds like something is about to fly apart under floor plate, and steering wheel has awful vibration.  I noticed earlier this week it keeps drifting right when on the road and constantly have to keep turning steering wheel round and round to left. Can I by pass relief valve under floor plate, if so anyone have pics?


  5. Are the hubs suppose to have a well defined notch to sit on axle? See pics, hubs off a 4386 going on 3788. When I put wedges in and tighten seems to hold, just wondering if I bought something worn out?




  6. Needing to pull pins on 3788 steering cylinder, anyone build or have specs to build a puller?  Also how do u measure for correct size of cylinder, No hydraulic shop nearby so need a used one. Ram is damaged.

  7. Will have to find someone I guess, never tore into one, in the pics the play is up and down between silver piece and oil seal. Solid when trying to move horizontal. Thanks for replies



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