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  1. Rs3480

    Hay Pics

    For being so tall the ol newholland 415 discbines did a great job cutting it
  2. Rs3480

    Hay Pics

    We were wet early so couldn’t cut grazer before it headed out but this year we need quantity. Show your rigs off, 52 on baler, 54 on rakes
  3. Have a Parker 1272916-c91 steering pump on ih 3788. I presume it’s the piston pump? Had L24v146 below above number.
  4. Rs3480

    2+2 steering

    As I was finishing today it steers very hard left and right, sounds like something is about to fly apart under floor plate, and steering wheel has awful vibration. I noticed earlier this week it keeps drifting right when on the road and constantly have to keep turning steering wheel round and round to left. Can I by pass relief valve under floor plate, if so anyone have pics?
  5. Rs3480

    10 bolt hubs

    Never mind I see it’s on wrong please don’t roast me
  6. Rs3480

    10 bolt hubs

    Are the hubs suppose to have a well defined notch to sit on axle? See pics, hubs off a 4386 going on 3788. When I put wedges in and tighten seems to hold, just wondering if I bought something worn out?
  7. Rs3480

    Tool spec

    Needing to pull pins on 3788 steering cylinder, anyone build or have specs to build a puller? Also how do u measure for correct size of cylinder, No hydraulic shop nearby so need a used one. Ram is damaged.
  8. Rs3480

    54 axle leak

    Will have to find someone I guess, never tore into one, in the pics the play is up and down between silver piece and oil seal. Solid when trying to move horizontal. Thanks for replies
  9. Rs3480

    54 axle leak

    Leaking oil at bottom of axle and seal or something is pushed out a ways, axle does have some play now, any opinions on wat to start on after wheel is off?
  10. That worked thanks
  11. Will try that, thanks. Wonder if there is a way to bypass or cut off draft?
  12. Had a 5 shank ripper hooked to 3788, arms kept jumping up with draft set heavy, wat can I do to keep plow in the ground
  13. Rs3480

    155 points

    Oh and local dealer acted like they would have to order because that’s an odd model?
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