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  1. Will try that, didn’t want to twist with pipe wrench, it is difficult to reach. Thanks
  2. On 3788, How do you remove oil cap on front axle to check fluid? Mine is stuck and don’t want to ruin it.
  3. Rs3480

    Wiper for 5288

    I need a windshield wiper and the arm it screws onto for the 5288. Cannot find one from all the big salvage yards. My motor works fine, workhand hit a tree limb and claims didn’t find wiper!?! Who could I check with?
  4. Used motor more in the budget and just taking word from seller on shape it’s in. Just want to make sure it will bolt right up with no mods
  5. Thanks, will look today, replaced oil cooler a year ago so hope that’s not it
  6. Leaking water in oil, also prior to that will not start without ether. Is there a rule book on what details have to be posted? If u have no info then don’t reply!
  7. Opinions on rebuilding or swap out motor with used one? Would a 1086 motor work?
  8. 3788 batteries and cables good, when hit switch lights are on but does nothing. Neutral switch is good, when I used screw driver to jump it, starter just spins doesn’t turn over motor. Any thoughts?
  9. Rs3480

    Wire fire 5288

    Putting in circuit breaker for now, thanks for replies
  10. Rs3480

    Wire fire 5288

    My guess is power to ac, I will replace and see wat happens thanks
  11. Rs3480

    Wire fire 5288

    Replaced this connection 3 times
  12. Rs3480

    Wire fire 5288

    Wire started smoking so cut ac off and it stopped, has done this a couple times a day. It connects to silver bar in background. Any suggestions to fix?
  13. Rs3480

    Midland planter

    Has anyone ever seen one set up like this?
  14. Anyone know how shut off works, omg arm only moves half inch, has worked great planting just be nice to close seed holes when moving
  15. Rs3480

    One more saved

    Ran a chisel behind it today was very happy with the power and turning.
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