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  1. I will check but I bet that’s it, I always forget to start simple ??
  2. 3pt lever is down all the way, draft is set heavy, and since that video I raised gauge wheels all the way up
  3. I just switched speed lever linkage to other side and it misses range bolt head. I will have to work on range cover when I get time, but quick fix for now.
  4. plowing old school is wat everyone tells me but it does a good job
  5. would like to get ripper down 6 more inches, draft set heavy, that’s all it goes down. Around 14-15 inches like it is. Any suggestions? Ripping pasture land, 20+ years since any plow in field. 3 shanks 38 inches apart. Sorry, leds are bright from mike lol
  6. It’s the range coming loose and binding speed linkage. Was looking at it wrong, so can I remove bolt to see wat is stripped or will something drop down and cause more work?
  7. On the 3788, bolt that screws down into shift cover is stripped. I can’t shift into first when it’s loose. I can snug it up works for awhile. Any suggestions to fix? Thinks it’s 7 or 10 on pic
  8. Rs3480

    Hay Pics

    For being so tall the ol newholland 415 discbines did a great job cutting it
  9. Rs3480

    Hay Pics

    We were wet early so couldn’t cut grazer before it headed out but this year we need quantity. Show your rigs off, 52 on baler, 54 on rakes
  10. Have a Parker 1272916-c91 steering pump on ih 3788. I presume it’s the piston pump? Had L24v146 below above number.
  11. As I was finishing today it steers very hard left and right, sounds like something is about to fly apart under floor plate, and steering wheel has awful vibration. I noticed earlier this week it keeps drifting right when on the road and constantly have to keep turning steering wheel round and round to left. Can I by pass relief valve under floor plate, if so anyone have pics?
  12. Never mind I see it’s on wrong please don’t roast me
  13. Are the hubs suppose to have a well defined notch to sit on axle? See pics, hubs off a 4386 going on 3788. When I put wedges in and tighten seems to hold, just wondering if I bought something worn out?
  14. Needing to pull pins on 3788 steering cylinder, anyone build or have specs to build a puller? Also how do u measure for correct size of cylinder, No hydraulic shop nearby so need a used one. Ram is damaged.
  15. Will have to find someone I guess, never tore into one, in the pics the play is up and down between silver piece and oil seal. Solid when trying to move horizontal. Thanks for replies
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