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  1. The answer is yes!

    the rear pump adjustment (you’ll have to grind down some sockets) is for fueling over the full range. The mid pump adjustment is for low end/no boost power. 

    the star wheel adjustment is for smoke control, which I don’t really know if that means more or less pressure or what.

    You can also advance the timing but I think that is engine model dependent. There is a video showing advancing it to 19degrees but my engine a DT466A is already at 21



  2. Hello,

    I am need of a part number for the lower waterneck housing on the passenger side front of a DT466. Its the part that connects the lower coolant rubber line from the engine to the radiator, its a cast piece that also has a bung hole for the heater line. 

    Mine is a 90* pointing down, and I want one that points out straight at the radiator. I think my engine is a late 1980s model since it has the MW injection pump.


    Thank you

  3. So I have a ‘84 s1754 with a 9.0l.

    The truck did not come with air conditioning, but has the a/c control in the dash. Is the evaporator/blower/heater unit under the dash passenger side, the same on non a/c trucks the same as factory air trucks or do they have different units?

    Like can I add A/C and not have to swap out the under dash unit?




  4. I’m a little confused on how to adjust my MW pump on my Dt466.

    Do I need to adjust both the rear of the pump with the 4 bolts and the fuel screw on top under the Allen plug? Or just one or the other? 

    Also I am assuming I have the 10mm plunger but can someone verify?


  5. Yea the pictured truck had a cab fire and a barn fall on it. Plus it’s a twin screw. Just to much going on to save really. It’s a 1966 R190 and has a 5 speed with a 4 speed brownie. It’s also got a re-enforced frame making extra heavy

  6. I found a s1700 that’s at a local auction yard That showed up today and it happens to have disk brakes to.

    It has a different style pump than mine; the reservoir was mounted on top but it went:

    pump to steering box, then to the brakes, then back to the pump.

    So I will go pump, steering, brakes, reservoir, then back to pump. 

  7. 4 hours ago, J-Mech said:

    If you have hydraulic brakes, why does the engine still have an air compressor on it? 

    So, does this truck have vacuum assist brakes, or hydraulic assist? 

    hydraulic assist.
    This motor is going into a truck that will have hydraulic brakes, the truck it’s coming out of has air. I just haven’t taken the compressor off yet. 

    The motor is coming out of the pictured truck and going into my 1948 international KB11. I’m using the axles and brake system out of a 1984 S1754 that has disk brakes. 
    The axle donor has a 9.0l and a different pump setup than the DT466 does. I’m just trying to make them play nice.


  8. 3 hours ago, R190 said:

    what model of truck?

    Well.... the dt466 is coming out of a ‘66 R190. The trans, axles, and power steering are coming out of a ‘84 S1754. All that is going into a ‘48 KB11.

    So there’s that...

  9. The red circle is the “pump” I’m talking about. The blue is the reservoir. Currently the top line goes into the reservoir and the side goes into a hydraulic steering assist.

    Im not going to use the hydraulic assist but instead use a power steering unit out of an ‘84 1754

    I know picture sucks I’ll have to get a better one tomorrow 


  10. I have two questions concerning my DT466 swap.

    I got this engine from a truck that was sitting in a field. The previous owner had at one time been restoring the truck but had passed away, and I was unable to find out what condition it was in.

    First question: Should I be able to turn the engine completely over by hand? I have the radiator out and was able to turn the engine with the fan blades, I turned it about 12 times. I just figured the compression would be to great to completely turn it over.

    Second question: Does anyone have a diagram of how to hook up the hydraulic pump to powersteering AND to hydraulic brakes? Its the pump that is on the very top of the engine with two outlets, one one top and the other on the side.



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