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  1. Thanks for the first hand knowledge. What your telling me is the check valves do too good of a job !!
  2. Thanks for reply , I’m very interested in any remotes you might have for my 5250 . I would also need the forks that attaches to the remote I will make my own rods / linkage Thank you. I bought this tractor last fall and have learned a lot about it by the information and answers you have given other people .
  3. I bought a CIH 5250 with a loader that is powered off the two remotes . I want to add a bale squeezer , and use my round baler ( needs to remotes ) . I'm thinking of adding to the remote stack .When I look up used remotes, with or without check valve is always stated . My question is do I need the check valves remotes or will remotes without be fine for what I'm trying to do . Also big cost difference between the two Thanks
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