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  1. Hey thanks that puts me to ease a bit. I do change mine. Last time was 550 hours ago.
  2. Hello I have a 2014 4530 Titan floater with the Iveco engine in it. The other day I noticed dirt had accumulated on the outlet tube on my air to air cooler downstream of my turbo. So yesterday I popped the hoses off going to and coming from the turbo. The outlet side of the turbo is just black and grimy and sticky but when I smear my hand around in the tube it doesn't come out oily the grime is just stuck on the sides. I even pushed a flexible rubber strip down to the bottom and it comes out clean. The inlet side of the turbo, coming from the filter had a bit of oil in it as well as the elbow, I've talked to my local mechanics and one of them is coming out tomorrow. But thought I'd ask here. They wonder if I'm pulling oil from my case breather. If my seals went does the oil blast out in such pressure as to blast through the intake turbine and up against airflow coming in? And the fact that there is just a tiny bit of oily oil and the rest seems old makes me wonder if I need to replace or not? I don't remember needing to add any oil at all last fall when we were finishing up. Or is the air coming through there hot enough to bake the oil onto the sidewalls? The tube up to the air to air cooler isn't filthy just right inside the turbo.
  3. Hello SDman I just posted a new topic regarding a 7130 FNR spool would you mind taking a look and giving me your opinion on the matter.

    Thanks a bunch

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