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  1. Just west of Hamilton which is about 30 miles northwest of Cincinnati
  2. They both do a nice job but we do favor the Glencoe for some reason
  3. This was on Tuesday this Week southwest Ohio /Indiana line and yes both are 5488
  4. Thought I’d share a couple pictures from plowing with our two international 5488 the other day
  5. Cleaned up a few tractors today for show in Brookville, Indiana featuring international harvester thought I would share some photos
  6. Yes they are a set of 510 four sixteens we just picked up this spring on auction
  7. We are about 30 miles northwest of Cincinnati. The 1206 has been in the family since 1980 we are the 3rd owners and was said to be the first new one sold from our local dealer. My dad said it probably has over 20000 hrs on it as he dairy farmed for years with it I’ll get some more pictures sometime
  8. New to the red power forums and thought I would share a picture of our 1206 from a neighbor of our’s plow day from this past weekend.
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