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  1. It’s got a big fat line for the return. Not near the tractor so I’ve been on Messicks trying to see the best spot. I hate having to drain all that fluid to pull a cover to tap it. Any other place that I can tap into that’s above the oil level? I appreciate the responses guys.
  2. Before I put the top link cover on it used to have a tap but I lost the piece and the driver needs it. Dumb question but which side we talking about for range cover and tapping into it?
  3. I’ve got a 68’ 706 that I plan hooking a Shaver HD-10 to. New to the post driver and scratching my head on beat way to dump the return line. Should I just come off the line with some 1” pipe and lay it I. The fill hole where the foot plate is? Any better methods? I searched and couldn’t find any topics on this. thanks guys
  4. I rebuilt the entire wiring harness however the middle of winter and I’m still using the TrackR daily I don’t have time to screw around with a piece of junk fuel gauge I bought off of eBay . When summer comes I’ll order another fuel gauge and finalize the wiring and get it working right but in the meantime I’d like to have feedback on that oil pressure gauge but I totally agree .
  5. I’ve seen it before on a few off the internet but I just want to install a gauge where the oil pressure sender switch is. My wire harness is a mess and I rebuilt most of it but the gauges aren’t working and I don’t wanna buy a new one from India again. Where can I find a gauge that’ll thread into it?
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