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  1. I’d have a witty comment but I’m new to this forum, but the day job interferes with getting work done during the day! I’m curious if anyone has any luck with moving the lights or any other solution to the reflection, I know exactly what weapon is talking about with the head growing just haven’t seen the acres per hour increase!!
  2. I am looking for a PDF manual for a 1460 combine with electric controls, i seen a few topics on here that have a 1660 pdf manual version but curious if anyone had ran into a 1460 manual. If not that is ok just thought id throw it out there. Also, looking for a operators and service manual for a 1020 platform and 863 corn head! thank you in advance this forum is a godsend.
  3. i actually did replace all the exterior lights with LED's, no doubt so much nicer of a view! best investment! but it seemed to have made my glare/reflection worse, i cleaned the windows with every product under the sun and haven't seen any help with it. I am curious if i need to eliminate the LED's from the front of the combine cab and the right side light and put a curved light bar at the base of the cab and slightly under the cab. and only run the top two for road use. Or is slight tinting a solution?
  4. Looking to see if anyone has a solution to the window glare/reflection in the cab of the combine. While harvesting especially at night there is a severe reflection in the windows and mostly in the side windows that has the ability to "make the head longer" I had tried rain-x in hope that it was some type of glare but that didn't help. Any suggestions would be great! thanks guys
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