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  1. They run them around here a lot for mowing hills I've never heard anybody complain that does
  2. Those where a common tractor in this area you may try https://www.pleasanthillfarmsupply.com/ or http://www.smithtireandrepair.com/index.html
  3. all states, bates corp, worthington ag, heck I'd just google 574 grille and go from there
  4. 88power


    SHEW P!** on that, I could never seen another snow flake and I'd be fine with it
  5. i can't walk from the house to the truck without getting dirty much less doing anything with a chainsaw
  6. 120 XL Gearwrench is a very nice set i have them in standard and metric and if you seen my post about the ratchet i made a while back warranty is great
  7. I used the gunk brand in a gallon paint can back in the spring on two different carbs and it worked better then I thought it would
  8. I watched quite a bit of micky mouse yesterday and i actually didn't mind it, if i watch law and order one more time i wanna beat my head in the wall
  9. If it has a exhaust leak under the hood it will be easy to see because of all the soot. I just replaced a muffler yesterday because it was starting to leak i put a eliminator on it, that was the last muffler tractor we had and highly recommend anyone to do so. Call Mike Links he will fix you up right
  10. how do you like the 6000 series deere compared to the 5000 series?
  11. 88power

    Weed fed beef

    There's a few people around here that do that and love it, I've never gotten to try yet
  12. 88power

    Weed fed beef

    I got to thinking about it and there was some guys on shark tank that where leasing out herds to help keep places like that steep hills and ruff ground clean. I also heard someone was trying it in California on powerline right a ways but got stopped because of some epa regulations or something of that nature, if they would let them do they're thing it bound to help on the wild fires keeping the under brush down
  13. 88power

    Weed fed beef

    Goats will eat about anything i've known of quite a few people that have bought grown up land and turned goats in on it and in 6 months to a year with the right size herd they can turn a piece of land around. One pain about goats is they're hard to keep in, the people up the road from me had some and one kept getting out it was a mean lil shyt i watched him whip every dog in a mile radius then eat the plastic ltd badge off an old lawn mower the guy next door had so yeah they'll eat about anything🤣
  14. Sleeping one off after finishing off the box in the lower right corner?
  15. i agree thats a funny looking loader, you would have to get pretty far away for that to look like a 2350 imo lol and yes woods did merge or buy du-al
  16. A M was a big tractor around here for a long time i remember when i was a kid (early to mid 90's) if you had anything bigger than a 4020 or 806 people would say that was too much tractor for around here. Up till about five years ago I know a guy that did all his work with a 3020 and 630 he is setup for no till but a 10 foot 1590 drill is a little much for those two on hills lol Your right if you had a 100 acres of tobacco you could live pretty well any time in the 80's heck i remember later on if you had a 5 acre lot you had tobacco on it, that would pay your taxes and health in
  17. If you need any a/c parts AP air is the way to go you have to buy from a dealer and i get all my stuff from Mike Links
  18. I forgot to say the other day if the sleeves are starting to rust you can coat them with grease just remember to clean it out really well before you put the head back on
  19. Seen this yesterday hope they're right Part # Not Listed? MyCNHi Store currently lists active parts. We are working on an enhancement to also show retired parts that are no longer available. This enhancement will be available mid-December 2020.
  20. That's one heck of a job on the building of the campfire and I wouldn't pass up a bowl of that stew and the biggest thing of all is looks like little man is having a good time. Like i've always said if there where more parents in the world like you this world would be a better place
  21. http://crutcherbrotherstruckparts.com/home.html they may have something and they're here in lexington
  22. i was watching a guy on youtube the other day and he said something like that
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