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  1. I did the same thing, I had some from hy cap and some from pioneer, the hy cap was a little shorter than the pioneer. When i priced them thru my local pioneer dealer they had a 6 to 8 week wait and where 10 15 dollars higher then to go to the Deere dealer which had them on in stock
  2. just curious mostly, there's a lot of k5's around here just a few 2wd though, if I ever get the chance my next truck project I want to do a 2wd k5 or maybe even a ram charger I think I've only ever seen one of those 2wd now you mention it, thanks Ace
  3. at first glance I seen that box on the pole and thought what a odd looking chimney🤣
  4. You see many 2wd K5 blazers?
  5. he looks like a different person clean cut
  6. If it was me and I was doing it I don't know what type of alternator you got but id get a one wire and go this route, I know its a kinda pricey but its that time of year when you need it so this will cut your time down more than half trying to build your own harness and your not cutting splicing old wires that could fall apart before the end of summer plus it looks that this harness is labeled to what goes where so again you don't have to play the guessing game https://brillman.com/product/international-460-560-gas-utility-complete-wire-harness-modified-for-1-wire-alternator/
  7. Isn't that with everything though? I mean you got your tractor drivers and then you got your operators, as far as demo derby goes I know a few that will work on a car all winter long and if they're lucky they might make it to the end of summer and they have to start all over again a lotta work just to screw it up if you ask me
  8. you got that right , the past year i've spent more than enough time in a couple but things are getting better
  9. Just seen one the other day with a truck manifold on it to put the corner exhaust on it
  10. then you have this going on also, heard one the other day got stolen and the couples sons ashes where in it and they never found anything
  11. There was a 79 chevy on market place with a school bus DT360 a couple months ago, more 12 valve cummins than you can shake a stick at in any of the older dodge chevy ford, i remember seeing a 6 cylinder perkins in a 79 ford a few years ago. If you think about 4 cylinders there's a 70 chevy half ton short bed 2wd close to me with a 4 cylinder allis in it they had to rebuild it a couple times over the past 20 plus years because it didn't like the higher rpms because it was a ag engine, knew a guy that pulled a wd45 hauled it with a square body chevy half ton short wheel base 2wd with a bt4 cummins in it he loved it. there use to be a company around here back in the day they would put them and also a few 12 valves in every truck blazer suburban they had, there was a company that made conversion kits for them and nowadays there is more than one
  12. 88power

    Cute allis

    I had a 720 about 10 years ago it was a heck of a machine, it had a wider rear tire, if not it been a twin to yours, funny this came up i was just thinking of it
  13. If he did he might break his face with all that plastic he's got in the past few years
  14. Here's my brother's biggest one, usually the bigger one's are cheaper because no one wants to move them
  15. i see your torch cart behind your box, how do those carpet squares hold up to sparks and flame?
  16. folding box cutter, 5 inch knipex cobra water pump pliers and a pen light are hard to live without
  17. Bossman left one year and they had a bunch left over, gal in the office said here try some, I always try something once, i grabbed a fancy cracker a little spoon and put some on it she said your looking at about six hundred dollars right there, one of the worse things i've ever ate it tasted like a pond smells in July, I barely made it to the truck and it all came back up
  18. I thought about you awhile back I finally got to eat at a Freddy's now they've opened one not far from the shop
  19. Crawfish boil or any Cajun food is where it's at and you can put that on a cracker duuuude,
  20. Metal shavings are hard on them I've killed a couple thought I'd try this, now I can go to 5/8 took some modifications but it seems to work letting the lock tight set over night
  21. Air innovations makes a really nice one we've had one for the kids it's ran 24/7 for the past two years unless being cleaned
  22. check all your connections especially grounds could have corroded up or critters chewing on them while it was sitting.
  23. Mike links has some at triple R tractor
  24. I've said it before and I'll say it again you could make a killer calendar(s) with your pictures Mike
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