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  1. any suggestions on where to get a coolant filter kit for a 966?
  2. Not sure what you mean about not seeing the water pump turn. It turns all the time just the same as everything else. i guess the radiator shop could have gotten it wrong about it having good flow. When I open the radiator cap and look at the water it looks like a river in flood when the thermostat is open. Seems like it’s flowing pretty good. It does push water out the overflow every time it heats up. But I have been in and out of the cooling system several times, and each time I top off the fluid. And I know that these tractors usually run with about a gallon of head space, so I was thinking that it’s just getting back to that normal level.
  3. Thx, yeah the radiator is clean. I had it out of the tractor. Washed it with a hose myself and used a radiator flush. then when I dropped it off at the radiator shop to test the flow they pressure washed it, did a flush on the inside, tested for flow and leaks and then painted it. I can see light through it everywhere. when it’s hot I can feel the temp difference with my hand between the top of the radiator and the bottom.
  4. Update: it it gets hot when running under any load. I pulled a little 8ft offset that I bought for my 70hp jd2030 and the 966 overheated in about 6 passes. It cools back down to below 200 quickly about 5 minutes once the load is removed. I double checked my temp gauge with a candy thermometer in the radiator and they read the same. I guess I’m gonna try to check for compression leaking into the water although I’m not seeing many signs of a bad head gasket. I’m seeing a small coolant leak at the water pump since I put it back on. And coolant pukes out of the rad overflow a little bit when it gets hot. But I just topped off the water so it could be just getting back to it’s normal level. Doesn’t look low yet.
  5. I got the thermostat online, it’s aftermarket made by reliance. the thermometer is in the block right next to the the thermostat, so I guess that’s at the end of the flow before it goes back into the radiator. it hasn’t been dry enough to do any tillage work recently, but I’ve only noticed this problem while running the bush hog. Could the PTO be binding? Should I be able to turn the PTO by hand when the tractor is off and the pto is disengaged?
  6. Put in a 180 degree thermostat. Still getting up to 220. I haven’t replaced the cap yet, but it isn’t low on water. It never seems pressurized when I open it though. If it’s not holding pressure could that mess up its ability to keep it cool?
  7. Thanks for the responses. Thermostat is supposed to come tomorrow, I'll see if I can pick up a 10psi rad cap too, and keeping my radiator fins clean. It has the 6 blade fan on it, not sure if that's the original or if that's the 1066 version.
  8. Yes that’s correct. I will try putting a thermostat in and will keep you posted. Thx
  9. It gets up to 220 after about 20 minutes of running a 10ft bush hog. Haven’t noticed it getting hot for other tillage work. Tractor starts and runs very well. Might have one injector that’s not quite up to par with the others. Here is what I’ve checked / tested: replaced the thermometer and gauge. checked block temp with a heat gun. Reads pretty evenly within 15 degrees amongst different places on the block. radiator has been pressure washed, flushed and professionally tested for flow. has good fan and radiator shroud water pump was checked and looks like there’s plenty of flow when I look Down at the coolant from the radiator fill hole. Previous owner had already removed the thermostat. no signs of water in the oil or oil in the water. No smell of exhaust coming from the radiator fill hole. i checjed injector pump timing. It’s pretty dead on the mark when the flywheel shows the 18 degree mark. put a straight pipe on exhaust Incase the muffler was choking the flow. adjusted valves. When I got the tractor it would only turn up to about 2100 rpm. I thought I maybe was lugging it too much with the load of the bush hog at this rpm causing it to heat up. Turned the high idle stop so that it now turn about 2500 rpm. ive heard that putting a low temp (180 degree) thermostat may help slow the water moving through the radiator to give it more time for the water to cool down before it cycles back into the block. Has anyone had any experience with this? any other things to check would be appreciated thanks
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