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  1. Hello, I was recently gifted a TD6, and need to find some information about it. I was told it was a 1948, however the serial number on the plate is so worn down that I cannot make it out. Is there other spots where the serial number would be? I was told that it does not have the original engine in it so the casting dates on the engine would not be helpful. I also need help identifying the engine, I have attached a photo of some of the numbers on the head. Fuel (diesel): I was told that my crawler does not have the original engine in it, so I need help with how the fuel lines are run. I have a Bosch injector pump. Currently I have it set up so fuel from the tank goes to the primary filter, then to the delivery pump, then to the water seperator, and then delivered to the injector pump- is this correct? The injector pump return is obviously plunmbed back into the tank. Fuel (gas): this is just gravity fed from the tank into the carborator, correct? Spark: I have a battery ignition system on the gas side, but I am having trouble peicing it together. Is it set up like a regular distributor system on an automobile? I understand there is a “manifold switch” that cuts power to the coil when the engine is being run on the diesel side, but I cannot seem to find it. Would it be appropriate to just run a switch to the dashboard and use that to open the circuit when I am running on diesel? Thank you in advance for the help, I am very excited to see this thing run!
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