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  1. That would be grate I can not fined them any were.
  2. Had the same problems on my newly acquired TD6, the points needed corrosion sanded off them. The diesel side of my tractor needs at least half throttle to fire off, it has a governor give it full throttle if it starts to die, back to full closed so the gas side take over. may take a couple time to prime the injectors.
  3. need help finding IHC H4 magneto impulse springs, any one know here to find them? is there a replacement springs? this mag is on a os4.
  4. No, they looked good, and no notable play.
  5. Thank you every one for the help, I have bearings on the way from Fordson House!
  6. My main concern is after setting the proper clearance with the plastic gauge the bearing has free play for and aft and the rod can be twisted or turned across the horizontal plane of the shaft. And no I have not put a mic. to them yet. The bearing faces looks like they were eaten by acid or had Babbitt re-pored over them at one time. If the bearing that Fordson have are good one I will buy all four sets if they have that many. I put all new sleeves and piston sets in plus new, wrist pins. i would like to do I right. I found the shim set up strange, not uses to seeing the that shim stacks. lets see what Fordson can do for me first, you may need a spear.
  7. Well that's nuts, thank you for the heads up at Fordson house. ?there web page is down, I will get them coming asap.
  8. Thank you for the help, I have been looking for some time now with no luck. Just going to make up a molds to hold the insert and pour new babbitt to fit each. Here is photo of when I picked her up, Lol tracks naturally rusted up she dragged her feet all the way home. And one putting it in my shop.
  9. looking for rod bearings or molds, temp-lets for pouring Babbitt bearings in my T20.
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