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  1. Hey StrangeOne.  Got a question about the bucket for your TBD6.  May need to pick your brain when I get started on mine.  Right now looking for the gasket that goes from the rear gearbox to the steering clutch compartment.  I tore mine up trying to get the steering clutches out. 1969 TD6 62series.  I was surprised to see roller bearings for some crazy reason I thought I would see ball bearings.  Any help I can not find a part number and my local NAPA was trying to help but computer problems as soon as we got to the page that listed parts on Tractor power or something like that.  Well help if you can if you cant I do understand.  William Cheeks 

    1. willcheeks


      Oh sorry.  Can not remember what I read unless I read it over and over.  I did not mean to offend.  STAGEONE!!

    2. Pbach


      Red RTV silicon works great in place of the gasket

    3. willcheeks


      Thank you.  I still can not find this part number it has been two weeks so I will just get the red rtv silicon and keep on keeping on.  Thanks again.


  2. Trying to get there. I am not computer person so not sure how this page works. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the info on Aust. TBD6.  Yea prob. have to fab one.  Thank you for your help.  Have a great day.

    1. Rawleigh99


      No problem.  Glad to help.

  4. I dont understand? It is asking to submit reply again. Thanks Chris
  5. Yea exactly like that. Mine is newer but something like that would work. I dont have to lift high just carry from one place to another.
  6. Did anyone ever make a loader/dozer bucket for the TD6? I have the TD6 62 series 1969 I think. Runs great. Redoing the steering clutches right now. Just got it so I will be going through it and repairing everything as it gives me trouble. Over all good power, engine runs great, hdyo. system no leaks to worry about. Has most of its original parts. I would like to get a bucket for it if anyone ever made one. I think it migh not have been made for this model because of the limited rise hight. The lift pistons and arms are postitioned wrong to have high rise hight. The Drott system would mean changing more than what I wish to. I would like to keep it as original as poss. Any suggestions or questions? Thank you for any and all input. William Cheeks
  7. Hey Tanker, my name is William Cheeks willcheeks screen name.  I was told by others that you rebuilt a TD6 before.  Well Sir I am having trouble getting to certain bolts and this is my "First Rodeo" on this type of machine.  I have sent you a request for you to join a ongoing chat where others are helping me.  Please if you can share your knowlede and experience.  The one helping me the most is giving me accurate and helpful information but I would like to hear from two or more about something I have never done before.  Help if you can but I will still follow if you cant.  Have a Great Day William Cheeks

  8. Just some clearity on this. We do not have much money to put into this project. I am hopping that one item like veggies will help pay for the other items such as fish them them two can pay for the third and so on. I wish to be self supporting as far as electricity and all the other things needed on this farm. I have a windmill and hope to put in solar as soon as I can start getting something to start making money with. A lot of people in this are have tried rabbit in the past but do not eat it now. I might have to create a market for these thing fresh fish veggies rabbit chicken stuff like that. It would be nice to start CSA and allow everyone to come see how their food is being grown. Thanks again and any question will be answered. Great days to all of you. Willcheeks
  9. I am willcheeks that is my first name and last name together not some statement or funny screen name. I am retired US Army and I currently live in WV. As you would expect the area I am interested in starting my farm on is a hill side. I will not be raising animals for sale. I just hate seeing them with two legs shorter than the other two. Joke. To stand on the hill. you will get it later if you did not get it now. I have plenty of fresh out of the ground spring water "runoff from the East River Mountain" As you will see soon I do not spell check. So try to read the best you can. I have an old TD6 to level some spots with and I am interested in also fish farming, so it should come in handy for making fish ponds and runs. The water is cold so I am limited on the type of fish. I will be doing some inside IBC totes for tilopia. I have a large garage for this and other endevers. well I currently have trouble with the TD6. I am trying to service the clutch packs and can not get the control lever out. Trouble getting to the nut on the bottom. I hope to keep everyone posted on every attempt of this farming journey. For now I am just trying to clear trees and bruch from the hill side. It is only 12 acres but we only wish to do fruit trees nuts berries and veggies. This area is becoming popular for ATV trail riding. I may have to put in a few camp sites to help pay for the build. Could sell them veggies and eggs I guess. Anyway this is my plan and I will not give up or surrender to anything less. Hope to keep everyone entertained and my have to ask for help from some of you. All I have ever grow in the past is children and dogs. Thank you for reading and have a great day. If not today then there maybe one tomorrow. Just hang in there and keep trying. Everyone gets a great day if they just keep trying.
  10. Hey I read your post where you said you removed the clutch packs from the TD6 crawler.  I have a question about the steering control rod that twists the throughout barring.  The way to get it out seems to be loosening the nut on the bottom of the tractor.  There is a bar that runs to the tracks and two bumps one is the drain for the trans.  the other i dont know what it is or why it is there.  Other than to stop me from getting to that nut.  Is there a special tool or technique to loosen it?  What size is it?  I have cut down a 1 and 1/2" wrench but still can not get to it.  Can you or some one here help.

    1. willcheeks


      I thought I was talking to redneck guy.  I see now it posted it on my status.


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