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  1. It may be out of your way but Linsay tractor in Ontario Canada my have it it’s worth the email and you save 30% on the conversion to Canadian 🤫
  2. 163154

    Ih T5 low profile

    Thanks for the clutch with an H found a direct replacement ford 600 pressure plate and a solid disk 1-3/8 ten spline ford 800 just in case someone else may need the info took some digging but I got them and installed them . removed the largest 30yr old mouse nest i don’t thing I will ever eat wild rice again after that!
  3. 163154

    Ih T5 low profile

    The pedal has no resistance it flops to the floor it might be the pressure plate but if your going that far would you not do the clutch?
  4. Looking for some help on a T5 I just bought looking to replace the clutch and where to source one also a owners manual copy there of would go along way thanks