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  1. Sorry everyone for the late reply I was out of town and didn't have access to my computer. I don't know for sure that I will do 80 acres for sure, but would like to start out doing about 40-60 and work up to 80. My market will be horse hay in our area which is a pretty big deal for us. Most of the time we have trouble finding good hay for our horses and I know several other people who have struggled as well. I also know that people have trouble finding small bales because many of the cattle people in our area only make round bales. I don't have a problem using round bales but many don't have the equipment to move them. I feel that this is a market that needs good quality hay in a size that most people can use. I would like to get into making some round bales later and maybe explore making some dairy quality hay. I have really gained a lot of knowledge from the posts so far and am looking forward to more. My budget goal would be to stay around the 25,000 range to start out with. If I could do it with less that would be better but I want to get good equipment.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am wanting to get started in hay and wondering what equipment would be recommended to start? I plan on doing about 60 -80 acres and would like the ability to do either round bales or small squares. I was thinking that a 1066 or something similar would be a good tractor to use for the balers and the mower. I would probably use my M for raking but don't know for sure. What specific models would you buy to start with? I was looking at staying with New Holland products just for simplicity but let me know if that is a mistake. Thanks
  3. What is a good rule of thumb for horsepower per shank on a disc ripper? Looking at a DMI 530 and wondering if a Steiger Cougar II ST270 would pull it fine? We have medium to heavy soils here but most ground here gets ripped every year so not a lot of compaction to start with. What do you guys think?
  4. I see a few thing out there but not a lot of selection. Would you think that 1486 would be enough to pull a 12r 30" 955? Or would a 3588 be better?
  5. What kind of aftermarket support is there for the 955 planter? What options for row cleaners, montoirs, fertilizer application? The planter seems to be great but was wondering what type of upgradability is available. Let me know what parts you have on your planters of this era.
  6. Thanks everyone, It looks like everyone is saying maybe a larger 4Wd because of price. Any tillage ideas?
  7. Okay what size and model of Steiger would you recommend? Also what would you say for tillage, planting and harvest equipment.
  8. Yes after looking at some prices recently I see that it is almost better to buy a big tractor. What would you suggest for a planter tractor? 1066?
  9. Hey Guys, I am planning to plant corn and soybeans and I would like to start small in acreage but realize that the more acres the more area to spread cost over. I am thinking 500-750 acres in total.
  10. Hello Everyone, I wanted to get some of your guys opinions on what equipment would be necessary to start a farm and what models you would buy. I am starting out in MN in a conventional tillage system right now. Looking to slowly start buying equipment and wondering what your thoughts are. Give me an example of what equipment you would buy that is older but still reliable and most of all won't break the bank. Also in order you would purchase. Thanks
  11. That could be it but I just opened up the transmission and none of the gears where missing any teeth. After I put it back together the sound has started. The bearing that you mentioned was out and I replaced it with a new one. I picked up all the pieces out of the bottom and cleaned it out. I noticed that the sound really increase when the tractor is going up a hill. All the bearings in the transmission where replaced when I had it open. Any other suggestions or should I take a look inside again?
  12. Just finished up replacing the bearings in my 1949 Farmall H and there is a clicking sound coming from belly pump area of the tractor. It only makes the sound when the tractor is in 1,2,3 and 4 gear and goes away when in 5 or neutral. Any ideas what it might be? I noticed the shaft coupling was a little loose and tired tightening but don't know exactly how tight those bolts should be. Any ideas would be appreciated and I can give more info if needed. Nathan
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