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  1. I've come to the conclusion that it's time to rebuild the super a engine. Since this is my first engine rebuild I was wondering what price I should be preparing for in order to have someone do the machine work. I've estimated parts to be close to $1k for all parts needed for a complete rebuild. No cracks on the block. Engine smokes quite a bit, low oil pressure, and blow by evident on #1 and 2 spark plugs. Thanks for any advice
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Last week I drained the trans and replaced with harvest king 90w. I didn't see any metal deposits. However when I dropped the engine oil pan it had quite a bit of sludge before I cleaned it so I assume the trans probably has gunk in it as well. Im rebuilding the carb and have a rebuilt mag that I'm putting on this weekend so after that I will drain the trans and put some kerosene in and clean before replacing with clean fluid. One thing I admire about this tractor is everything is fairly accessible.
  3. I picked up my first tractor, a 48 super A. I think I have a bad bearing in the transmission as when the tractor is in the higher gears it really whines and growls. I mean to the point I almost need headphones and the neighbor's cattle look over with concern. My dad has a 37 IHC truck and it whines but not to the degree this does. I am fairly mechanicly competent, but know little about transmissions. This was an early grad school graduation present to myself. Does anyone work on these old transmissions and any idea of what it would cost to pay someone to rebuild?
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