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    D239 vs DT239 Difference adding turbo.

    We pull a 3514, 14' Bush Hog stalk chopper, essentially just a heavy rotary cutter with a shredder kit, behind a 6860 Landini to cut our fields once a year, usually Aug/Sept when everything's tall and tough and it pulls it just fine in my opinion. Gotta have weight on the front to keep her down, but unless it's really really thick and lying down it does just fine. Can't move along in high, but then again we can move fast enough that it's not too rough and you can still react if there's debris laying in front. It's a 12X12 and we're usually in mid range 1st or 2nd. Sure, it makes the tractor work hard once in a while, but that's what it's for. It handles it fine and if not, there's always a bunch of slower speeds to choose from to get through the tough patch. Also, if it's tough, you can just raise it some or take a narrower cut. Your biggest concern will be the weight of the unit on the drawbar and the need for front weights. And, ours only has about 1/2 the possible front suitcase weights. We're right at the min recommended hp for the pull type model. I'd try it before rushing out to get a bigger tractor if that's the only reason.