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  1. Would anyone know if it came with a PTO behind the plate in the rear? I haven't been able to get it off yet. But would like to see if anyone knows before I take my tractor apart
  2. Would most Case/IH dealers be able to look up the parts for this?
  3. I had to replace like ten of the hoses and changed the fluid. I didn't do the filter, honestly don't know tractors that well to know where it is. Changed he oil, cleaned the carb and she fired up and worked. All in all I have about $2300 total into it with new seat, front tires And hoses.
  4. Thanks folks. The models mentioned is what I came up with but they had differences. I couldn't pin it down with my extremely limited experience. The loader is weak but I figured it was due to hydraulic pump and leak. Can only lift about 700#. i run a heavy blade on the back
  5. Hello all, Looking to get some help identifying this old tractor. Bought it at an estate sale. Gentleman that owned passed away and family selling it knew nothing about it. I bought it for $1500 and had to get it running.the only thing legible on the plate is 3136 J-W which is stamped in. All else is gone. Wheelbase is about 74", rear tires are 14 x 28s.its a 4 cyl gasoline engine. Of course it's missing the model number side plates. Has a plate over the PTO. Any help would be appreciated in identifying model.
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