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    Hay Pics

    My brothers 806 on the arcusin 14 bale bundler. And my 1066 loading the straw bundles. My wife made us stop for a 3 generation photo.
  2. Here is my 15 month old and I on my 756
  3. About 5 years ago I found 5 or 6 nice bred hiefers on Craigslist for a reasonable price. They were about an hour away so I called the guy and he said come on over in the morning. So my dad, brother and I showed up at his place and we no more got out of the truck and another guy pulls in with a trailer. We assumed it was the owner but it was another guy to look at them. The owner came out of his house and takes us all out to look at the heifers in his pen. Next thing I know the other guy says “I’ll take them”. I said look guy I was here first. The owner said that I was right and I thought th
  4. They are going to Hoffmanns sale in effingham, KS. I think the end of sept. I'm not sure of the year on the G. It looks like a good paint job on it.
  5. I think we are going back this saterday to haul the rest. I'll get pics of the rest. I doubt the moline is anything special. None of the others he is selling are.
  6. Yup it's a super h. It is very faded but looks really straight.
  7. I will try to get one. It's in its work clothes. I think he bought it new too
  8. I didn't think any were loaded to awful heavy. They all loaded really well, except the 660. Of course the heaviest one would have the brakes or planetary or something locking the rear tires up.
  9. He still has a w4, an f20, an H, and some old minni moline, and one more I can't remember. Here's some pics of some of his tractors he's not selling. His 1456 he bought new. He has 2 6030 john deeres. He also has a 1950T oliver and a G1355 oliver, a green Minni moline. His 186 hydro is very slick
  10. An older gentleman from the next town over contacted my dad to haul around 20 old tractors to an auction about 40 miles away. We hauled 4 loads on saterday. None of the tractors ran to load them, although he said they all ran 15 years ago. Most were stored inside old barns. We loaded them with a cat skid steer and his 1456 with a loader. There is an f12, 660, fergeson, I think a farmall regular, Farmall M, Massey 33, John Deere B, w9, super H, John Deere G, super A ih, cub, farmall H. Here's some pics.
  11. I think that is what my 2350 has.
  12. I like both of them a lot! Both are k&m.
  13. I have both. Like others have said if the ih one are used on 30" rows, 15 inch wide steps wouldn't work I'm pretty sure. John Deere's steps mount a lot more forward on the tractor and aren't close to the tires.
  14. It's a silage loader. Not sure of brand. The reel thing lifts way up and spins and loose silage falls down then it conveys it out back. It all works but I'm sure he's gonna take it off. There is a video on big iron
  15. Thanks for the replies. I'm sure they were designed for an m or an h hub the way they are shaped to fit the hub.
  16. Gotcha. These are nice weights and probly weigh 400lbs apiece. I just thought the "ihco m&h" was kinda neat on them.
  17. My dad just bought a couple of farmall m's off of big iron. One of them has these wheel weights on it. I've never seen a set like it. There is an inside and outside weight and they are molded around the hub. Are they factory ih?
  18. Thanks for the suggestions! It's a 7ft. I am sure I'll never use it for hay, we have 2 12 ft. moco John Deere's. I will use it for about 1-2 miles of mowing along county roads, probably just 2 passes wide. I was gonna try the mower out today but my brother wanted to rake 30 acres of rye so I hooked onto the rake. The 756 worked perfectly. I really like this little tractor!
  19. I'll keep it in mind TN hillbilly, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep it though. I got the loader sold today for a pretty fair price, so that's a big plus.
  20. 4650 and 4440. I also have a 4230 with a 148 loader.
  21. Is there anyone that keeps track of 756 serial numbers? It's kinda hard to see, 17144
  22. I'll look at the muffler. It does look odd the way it is now and I never thought about it being uside down. I wish I had the time and funds to make them look as good as Long Farms projects, and I'd love to have just one or 2 1456s like he does lol. For now if they run and operate that is good enough for me. I'm very, very blessed to have what I do( 756D, 806d, 1256, 1066, '46 M with 9 speed and cough, cough 4230,4440,4650 fwd John Deere's.)
  23. I think I'm gonna try to keep the mower, I think it'd be nice for mowing road banks. It has 9.5-15 tires on the front.
  24. Thanks. I really think it'll look nice once the loader is off and I get all the tin work back on. I bought from the original owners son.
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