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  1. Jsmith8940

    Utility ATV-What to buy?

    I vote Honda! I have a 450 foreman with 18,000 miles and gives me no problems. I also have a 420 rancher with around 9,000 miles. It's Efi and pretty peppy. My brother has a little recon 250. It is the toughest atv I've ever seen. He is 6'3" and 270 lbs and it pulls him no problem. He drives it like he stole it everywhere he goes. Sometimes I think he just tries to tear it up, but it just keeps going. We've had Polaris and Yamaha before and have buddies with every other brand. The other brands that may have more sporty performance but for reliability nothing comes close to a honda in my opinion.
  2. Jsmith8940

    The Dog Thread

    This is Chloe. She wants to go with me 24/7. She thinks she rules the roost. She may get a rude awakening in about a month when me and my wife are expecting our first child.
  3. Jsmith8940

    Late model M

    This is my dads old M farmall. I should have taken a picture of the whole tractor but it was dark. I will try to take one tomorrow. I just found it neat that it is in the last 1000 M's made out of almost 300,000 M's according to tractordata.
  4. Jsmith8940

    1066 registry

    You're welcome. I found it strange that it has 20.8- 38s on it with big 10 bolt hubs. I figured most high crops wanted narrow tires for going through tall crops or vegitables. But its hard telling what it was used for. I've never been around a high crop being used, my dad just likes collecting them.
  5. Jsmith8940

    1066 registry

    Here is another 1066 for you. It is my dads and cousins. It is pretty rough, but it runs and is mostly complete. It is a hi crop. It's serial number is 14774. They bought it to restore it but has been on the back burner for a few years.
  6. Jsmith8940

    1066 registry

    Thanks. The steps are much nicer than factory!
  7. Jsmith8940

    1066 registry

    I'm a new member here. I thought I would add my 1066. It is serial number 46803. I bought it around 8 years ago and is the first tractor I ever bought. It has a 2350 ih loader on it. It has 7300 hours on it.