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  1. I’ve had a short starter off a 706 on my 1066 for around 10 years. It starts just as good as before. When I bought my 1256 it hadn’t ran for atleast 5 years and it neeeded the starter rebuilt. So I took it off and was gonna have it rebuilt and I put on I had on the shelf that had already been rebuilt on it. We messed with the tractor for a couple hours and couldn’t get it to even try to start. We finally realized the starter was one off a John Deere, probably like a 4430, and the spin the opposite way. We put the rebuilt original on and it started up in 5 mins of trying
  2. Thanks! I am busy, there is always something to do. I buy my pigs as 30-40 lbs. and raise them up to around 280lbs. I just have a couple small dirt pens with maybe 12x20ft sheds. I just fill there 80 bushel self feeders with ground corn and soybean meal mix and I have a 70 gallon watered for them. Most days I just fill there waterer which takes about 5 minutes. When they are small it takes probly 3 weeks for them to empty there feeder, but when they get up to 200 lbs. it’s more like Every 7-8 days. I grind my own feed which takes around 1.5 hours to grind and put out for them. My hogs really don’t take a lot of time and I market almost all of them to individuals for butcher.
  3. I would highly suggest working for a farmer too. There is a ton to learn if you’ve never been around it. To say if 250 acres is profitable, it depends on a lot of things. 250 acres in a poor area of Montana that may make 40 bushels of wheat per acre or 250 acres of excellent Iowa ground that can make 240 bushel per acre corn every year are two very different situations. Also depends on if you get $2.80 out of corn or $5.50. One thing that has worked well for me is diversifying. I own 310 acres and row crop 210 of it and about 90 acres are pasture. I have corn, soybeans, rye, cattle, I raise around 100 head of fat hogs, sell around 6000 little bales of straw, and work a full time job as a crane operator. I’m 31 years old and my farms are far from paid for and I use a lot of my job income to help with payments. I am sure a decent 1440 would harvest 250 acres. My father in law harvests 400 acres with a 1460 and I have a John Deere 6620 hillside that does my 210 acres plus I usually help my dad with 100 or so more of his.
  4. Both tractors are in north east kansas
  5. 826 Serial number 9079 is mine diesel, hydro, 3 point, 18.4-34, 4100 hrs. On original working tach. I don’t know if it’s actual hours but it’s a very tight Old tractor 826 #9973 belongs to my uncle diesel, gear drive, burnt very badly about 5 years ago, parts tractor the far right tractor in the pic is my 826
  6. Jsmith8940

    Hay Pics

    My brothers 806 on the arcusin 14 bale bundler. And my 1066 loading the straw bundles. My wife made us stop for a 3 generation photo.
  7. About 5 years ago I found 5 or 6 nice bred hiefers on Craigslist for a reasonable price. They were about an hour away so I called the guy and he said come on over in the morning. So my dad, brother and I showed up at his place and we no more got out of the truck and another guy pulls in with a trailer. We assumed it was the owner but it was another guy to look at them. The owner came out of his house and takes us all out to look at the heifers in his pen. Next thing I know the other guy says “I’ll take them”. I said look guy I was here first. The owner said that I was right and I thought the other guy was punch us both, man he was mad. He left cussing and I asked the owner why he had us both come and he said that if he held stuff from phone calls on Craigslist he’d never sell anything.
  8. They are going to Hoffmanns sale in effingham, KS. I think the end of sept. I'm not sure of the year on the G. It looks like a good paint job on it.
  9. I think we are going back this saterday to haul the rest. I'll get pics of the rest. I doubt the moline is anything special. None of the others he is selling are.
  10. Yup it's a super h. It is very faded but looks really straight.
  11. I will try to get one. It's in its work clothes. I think he bought it new too
  12. I didn't think any were loaded to awful heavy. They all loaded really well, except the 660. Of course the heaviest one would have the brakes or planetary or something locking the rear tires up.
  13. He still has a w4, an f20, an H, and some old minni moline, and one more I can't remember. Here's some pics of some of his tractors he's not selling. His 1456 he bought new. He has 2 6030 john deeres. He also has a 1950T oliver and a G1355 oliver, a green Minni moline. His 186 hydro is very slick
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