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  1. Not really in the field, but I unloaded some straw with the 10 today. The other pic is from last fall
  2. I'm not sure where he got the fenders. Dads one to use whatever he's got laying around. He bought the m with a mounted picker on it 20 years ago for junk price. I can remember him cutting the picker off and getting the engine freed up and has used it ever since. I was probably around 10 years old when he got it. His has an m with 3020 jd fenders and one with Ford fenders, I think like off a 5000.
  3. I'll have to compare them on the road. To be honest they don't get out of the yard much. We mainly use them for moving stuff around the shed. Should it have the higher 4th if it has disc brakes and is less than 1000 from the last m made?
  4. Is the faster 4th gear that noticeable? I know it's still a big jump from 4th to 5th. We could take it and one of our other m's out and run them both in 4th to see. His other to m's are 1946s I think
  5. Here's dads m I don't know it's whole history but I'm pretty sure it's disc brakes are factory. It's pretty close to the last ones made.
  6. I know this one is a lot newer than the others and probly the wrong color to some, but it's pretty special to me. It's a 1981 4440 bought new by my grandpa. My parents just inherited it about a month ago after my grandpa passed away. It has 4001 hrs. It is a little faded but it's the nicest 40 series I've ever been around by far.
  7. I watched that video. I really like all the welker farms videos. I don't think there is any power lines in that kind of country like there is here lol. I went under 8 of them and I'm sure I would've hit if I was 3 or 4 feet taller. Thanks Missouri Mule! I haven't had my 12 long, probably 8 months or so, but I do like it. I've always wanted a 1256. It looks much nicer than when I found it.
  8. Thanks. The hole for the lid of this bin was pretty big, I think 36 inches. I had to have an 11-24.5 semi tire to get big enough around to give me 8 inches bigger than that. I'd watched video of guys putting 6 long straps down about half way on the bin and lifting from them but I thought I'd try the tire way first and it worked perfect
  9. That's all it was. We have really sugary loess soils so most if our roads have tall bank and the power line poles are up on the bank so that helped a lot making the lines higher than most places
  10. Just power lines lol. I knew one would be an issue but we made it under all of them. It was around 22ft tall.
  11. I just thought I'd post a few pics of moving a grain bin I moved about 3 miles down the road. I operate a crane for a living and my boss let me use our small boom truck. The bin is an 18ft 6 rings high around 3500 bushels. I just picked up a semi tire through the bin and it hit around the top. It went really well. It weighed around 3000 lbs. We just set it on a real low trailer and scrapped it on and took off with the 1256.
  12. Yup I saw a dealership towing an S series in a year or so ago and had lines hooked up for steering. The biggest we've done is a 7720 and our system worked well.
  13. I've always liked the synchro range. Especially for loader work. Reverse to 5th or 3rd is simple and goes right in and are very usable speeds. Between me and dad we have 3 with loaders, 4010,4430, and 4230. I can understand a synchro wouldn't be the best for fieldwork. My 1066 has a loader on it and I get along well, but it's not near as nice as my 4230 for the loader. I use a lot of 4 low to 4 reverse, but 4th is pretty fast in reverse but if I go to 3rd or 2nd low side is barely crawling. Now in the field I'd take the 1066 hands down!
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