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  1. Judge, I'm sure there is information about the tool you need somewhere here. Do you have the distributor style or inline like mine? I used google to search the redpower site, after a while it was pulling up posts from when MMI first joined. Very good stuff, days worth of reading. The steering clutch was a bear, i tried breaking mine loose but had no luck. I could tell that the linkage wasnt working so i gave up trying. On the flip side, i was able to remove all the plates without damaging any by removing and soaking the whole assembly in a new plastic feed tub with 3 gallons of rust ease.
  2. Hello, in order to find the pump I called all of the yards i could think of, then i went on CL and called people that had a lot of Farmall equipment in thier ad, thats where i found the pump and head (cracked). Most of the guys had good suggestions and yards that'll i had never heard of. Im elbow deep into the steering clutches and relining the brakes now, just waiting for spring. Scott
  3. Yes i think i have read all of your posts over the last couple weeks. Very good info, so much covered. Ill try not to ask the same old questions. I was just thinking of posting pictures of the entire project as we get it back into shape.
  4. Crawlernut, I had the boy helping me tear into it yesterday. His name is Earl Terrance...... LOL
  5. Thanks. Felt great to hear it running on deisel! Been 16+ years. I decided to tear down the steering clutches now. Uff da. I think I'll start a new thread since i could use some ideas. Scott
  6. Well i found a MD pump yesterday for $100 swapped over the plunger assembly and the distributor block. Runs on deisel now. I think l'll have to remove the head it sounds like a bad exhaust valve in the back hole.
  7. I know now that you should remove the little dogs from the governor before pressing it off the shaft... had to grind a v and tig it back together. (After i found all the pieces) I was wishing i had a smaller tig torch for detail work like this.
  8. Once I had the pump apart we soaked everything greasy in atf/acetone, everything rusty went in evaporust. I thought it would be a good time to try my thermal spray up torch to build up the shaft, but a small spot flaked on me when i was bringing it back to size. I should have used the tig, but built it up with the wire feed instead. I welded it in thirds to keep it somewhat straight. Then put the parting tool in the lathe sideways to broach a keyway back in. The gear and hub recieved the same treatment, cleaned up the keyways with a file. Yes, that first cam journal is rough, but the lobe mic
  9. Had to use the gas wrench to get the hub and gear off. I sure I'll end up getting a different pump some day, but i like the challange of trying to rebuild what i have. Bottom pic is how it sits now. Shaft welded and turned, new bearings gaskets and seals in primary pump etc.
  10. Hello, Recently purchased a 1949 TD9 i plan to go broke rebuilding with my boy. Tons of great information about the IH pumps on here. I need to know if the injector pump upper cam shaft is in time with the lower governor shaft? I suspect it was. Rust was holding the governor when we started it up and drove it on the trailer, I didn't think to mark it when torching it apart on the press Thanks for any help, Scott
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