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  1. Hi guys just wondering if you guys can give me a direction on getting a new or rebuilt clutch disc for my TDC5B, the OE number is 675419R91, I sent my old disc in to be rebuilt and the rebuilders have came back with a price of $350.00 to do jut the disc, it is a rigid center disc and unfortunately I didn't take measurements before I sent it in, just seems expensive for just the disc, and I'm also in Ontario, Canada. Was sent in to Napa to one of there rebuilders. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gerald
  2. I timed the pump when I installed it after rebuilding, or are you thinking it jumped a tooth?
  3. Hey guys was using my skidder yesterday and it started smoking white smoke when it is sitting idling or rev'd up a bit, does sound like it's missing slightly but once you start working it the smoke stops and the slight miss goes away, it hasn't done this before, this machine has new fuel filters, cleaned sediment bowl,new injectors and a rebuilt injection pump, not sure what to make of it, maybe some dirt in an injector holding it open? Looking for input as to where to start looking. Thanks Gerald
  4. There is a indicator on the dash that I go by.
  5. I usually don't either, typically there is something wrong if it doesn't start within a couple revolutions which is what I'm trying to figure out, if I give it a shot of ether it starts right up.
  6. Thanks for all the input guys, the battery cables have been replaced with 2/0 cables, machine is clean I pressure washed it before I took the injection pump off, I have checked many times for any weeping or leaks, if it was leaking air/fuel wouldn't it be hard to start when it's warmer out, it has always started well when it's warmer, just hard when it's about freezing or colder,how long do you guys let the glow plugs glow once they are red, I generally try to start it after they have been glowing red for about 10 seconds, it takes about 50 to 60 seconds for them to start glowing red. Thanks Gerald
  7. It is a 1965ish, it doesn't use hardly any oil, might have to add a liter in between oil changes, no hour meter so unsure on hours, doesn't smoke either, was thinking about refreshing the starter, was just hoping there was maybe some tuning tips I should be doing. Any time the temp gets below freezing it becomes a bear to start. Keep any ideas coming. Thanks Gerald
  8. Hi guys looking for some advice, I have replaced the injectors, had injector pump rebuilt,new glow plugs, cleaned out fuel system, changed filters and slightly adjusted timing on the injector pump which did help starting somewhat, with the colder temperatures it seems like I really have turn it over a lot before she starts and runs. I usually hit the glow plugs till the dash indicator is glowing nicely and I will have to crank for almost a full minute before it starts and runs well, I keep the glow plugs on till she evens out.The battery is new as well, its a group 31, 1100 CCA. I have read that these engines were decent starters in cold weather, when it gets below freezing I plug in the block heater for an hour or so before I try starting as well. Once running it hardly smokes and seems to work well. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Gerald
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