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  1. Hi Gary the parts manual I have is a TC-203A, bought off Ebay just last year, not sure on the number for the operators manual, have you tried any searches for Number for that one. Gerald
  2. Few pics, new injectors and upper rad hose made from a couple different hoses and a piece of pipe.
  3. Tracking seems to be corrected!
  4. Couple pics with the new tires and with tracks after getting them evened up.
  5. The tires are seriously beat up but the way the track drive works is a bar that fits into the crosscut on the tire, both tires are original so this dimension should be the same on both sides, I am replacing the tires because the rubber is literally coming off in chunks but I did find the cleats on the tracks are not the same height, it looks like the right side were built up at one time and not the left, I have the tracks off and at a welding shop getting evened up, I am thinking this is the main reason it was tracking poorly. Will hopefully soon find out.
  6. From what I've seen from the parts book quite a lot of it is.
  7. Here is a couple pics that I took, I have the rear drive wheels off getting replaced.
  8. Does anyone have a copy of main clutch adjustment or replacement that they could email or post, have been looking for an original service manual to purchase but haven't found d one yet. Thanks Gerald
  9. I'll try to get a few next time I'm out to my property.
  10. Lol it doesn't ride real smooth on hard surfaces, seems pretty good in the snow, fairly aggressive cleats on the tracks,found up in the Bruce peninsula Ontario Canada.
  11. Anyone have a part number for the copper gaskets for the injector pump lines where they attach to the injector pump, one of the lines are leaking and I would like to have a few on hand if possible. Thanks Gerald
  12. Rainman the tires are all filled with urethane.
  13. The rears are both the same, originals by the looks of it.
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