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  1. Is that Bill? Binderpower856?
  2. Sweet little 756! The 56’s were the best looking IH’s in my opinion. Love the rounded hoods on ‘em. Eagles are getting to be pretty common here as well. I saw one hanging out with a couple buzzards eating on a fawn that went through the discbine. They flew off about the time I seen them, so I couldn’t tell if they were sharing or not. We are also deep in the hay right now. Be safe guys and have a great day!
  3. Don’t over complicate it. I had the same problem and got some sort of two part epoxy at NAPA. Put the epoxy on it and it hasn’t leaked in years now.
  4. Dishes on mine are black, front and rear.
  5. Awesome! Can’t have too many 10’s.
  6. Lance, the buyers guide made it to TN. Thank you so very much!
  7. That is a sharp tractor. I love the styling on most all of the tractors built in the thirties. Prolly my favorite era for tractors, antiques anyway. Be safe guys!
  8. Good day Big Bud Guy! The third pic, the Case IH Buyers Guide with the family on the 7250, they are a neighbor of ours. Would you, by any chance, be interested in parting with that Buyers Guide? I would like to buy it if you are. Thanks and be safe!
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