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  1. I have several rare Front Wheel Assist and some good hi crop tractors for sale on the Aumann Auctions website. My Father passed away last May and he had some very rare tractors that are up for sale to help my Mother with her financial needs. The item's are listed under the vintage section in the May 26th consignment auction. If your interested in some nice FWA or HI Crop tractors head over to their site and check it out. Thanks
  2. This is not a true black stripe ih it is a late 73 model, but it is a fwd IH.
  3. Yes, we own these tractors. They live with us in Mo.
  4. Yes sir, looking for some to fit a 660 to cover the tires.
  5. Does anyone know where to find some wide fenders to fit a 660?
  6. Looks like a cool project, you must be pretty sharp to tackle a project like that
  7. The front wheel drive is an authentic unit we added it to the 660. It was originally on a 560 diesel
  8. Looking for some wide fenders for a 660 propane fwa we just finished.
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