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  1. #9624 is on life support in Glenwood, IA. I’m new to this forum but not new to Farmall tractors. My dad has a 1206 that he bought off of my great uncles farm sale about 15 years ago. The front axel has been broken a few times. Plenty of steep ground and sharp ditches in this neighborhood especially with two rear wheel weights bolted to the front. My dad put a “Year-A-Round” cab on it that will be coming off when we start restoration this fall. TA and PTO are out but it did run well the last time it ran. I believe the original owner was my great uncles neighbor right here in SW Iowa. Still working on those details. This will be our first refurbishment. Have an H, 504, 560D, 656, 706D, and 1066 that hopefully will get face lifts after that.
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