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  1. I’m replacing them because the bearing were badly worn
  2. I’m replacing the main and rod bearing on a farmall 460 and I need to know the torque specs for the main and rod bearings and the proper clearances it has standard bearing I don’t know if that makes a difference in torque specs or not
  3. The shaft going from the governor to the carb doesn’t seem to be binding but the spring that hooks to the governor seems to be strong than the spring on our 460
  4. I meant to put international not farmall I’m use to putting farmall because that’s all I ever work on
  5. My grandpa got a international 460 gas and when you start it no matter where the throttle is it revs up really high and the goes back to normal it will rev up to 2500. if you throttle it up quickly it dose the same thing. I know where the adjustment screw is but I don’t know what way to turn it or if there is something else wrong I’m just worried about making it worse
  6. that spring is most likely the problem but I can’t find them online
  7. The spring in the relief valve is messed up it looks kinda like some one hit it with a hammer and I can’t find the springs online anywhere I was wondering if anybody knows where to get one. After taking the bolt out it had good oil pressure but when it gets warm it lose oil pressure I think the spring is to weak. Right after taking the bolt out the oil pressure at full throttle was 50 but when it got warm it went down to 20 and now when the engines cold it has 25 at full throttle
  8. We bought that tractor from the FFA and Someone at the school put a bolt in the pressure relief valve so the spring Was pushing a lot harder on the Valve we took the bolt out and it has 38 psi at idle and 50 at full throttle
  9. I put 3 different gauges on it and they all say the same thing
  10. I’m working on a farmall 460 and the oil pressure at full throttle the oil pressure is at 90 to 100 psi and I was wondering where the oil pressure relief valve is
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