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  1. Ya. Unfortunately I'm not the Government. They kind of frown on it if I print some. LOL
  2. Oh I figured that. I was stating that the asking price for the 3688 was about 500 less. I think I am going to try to get the 5140, now I just need to figure out how to pay for it.
  3. Yes the 3688 is about $500 less.
  4. Oh the 3688 is two wheel drive, and the 5140 is four wheel drive.
  5. I am looking to replace my MF1135 loader tractor. I am looking at two different tractors the 1983 International 3688 with about 3400 hours and a 1995 Case IH 5140 with about 6600 hours. I hear both are good tractors, what one would be your choice? The asking price it pretty close to the same.
  6. I had someone on the facebook group say basically the same thing, but they thought I should look the hose on the suction side, but how do I identify the suction side. I am a carpenter by trade, not a mechanic.
  7. Yesterday I was running it and I noticed that my pressure was not always staying the same. Once it would no longer go down I stopped, came back several hours later and it starting working again. It seems once it got hot the head would not go down again. I was wondering if my pump is getting weak. I just got done replacing the hydraulic motor that runs the header.
  8. I am having troubles getting the header down. I have tried taking the pressure up and bringing it back down, but that did not work. The value that controls that has been replaced earlier this summer. What else could be the problem?
  9. Thanks. I did find it in the manual, and it does say that the code is 6027, and my tractor does have the True Ground Speed Sensor. I will see if I can get it calibrated here in the next couple days. I think I understand what the manual is telling me.
  10. I think it is working, I just need to figure out how to calibrate it. The owners manual is about as clear as mud.
  11. I checked all the fuses and they are OK. On the dash under the MPH it says service. I will check and clean the connections. Is there that much to service the darn thing.
  12. The ground speed radar in my 7130 has quit working. Where do I start when it comes to trouble shooting?
  13. Thanks. I will check that. I also have the same problem with my 8840 swather. I am guessing that it may be the resistor on it as well.
  14. In my tractor the fan will only operate on high. I replaced the switch thinking that was the problem, well that did not fix it. What else should I be looking at. Could it be the fan motor?
  15. An ounce of doing is worth a pound of talk

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