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  1. krich

    1066 muffler

    Haha. Are they OEM IH mufflers though?? I just like OEM look over the chrome stack. My muffler still works but I can't leave the tractor out since the crimped top with pipe came off and the tire ran over it.
  2. Nice work Fin. Hope you got em back up and running.
  3. krich

    1066 muffler

    Hey all its been awhile since I've really been on here, have had a lot going on lately. I hope everyone is doing well. But anyway the top of my original IH muffler came apart months ago so I'm in the market for a new muffler. I don't want the noisy chrome stack, I like the oem muffler look. Wondering what everyone's opinion is on the "best" aftermarket muffler out there. I've found one on Complete Tractor for $104 and it says material is aluminum? Thanks Kevin
  4. Digging some deep furrows.
  5. Looks like you're using 30 inch? Or is it 20 inch? 80$ is more than we pay for sun film think our 20 inch we get for around 61$ and 30 inch might have been around 72$ we order it around the 1st of the year. We use a Tanco 300 wrapper. Have had it since 95 and finally just put a new apron belt on her this summer. It has seen a lot of bales since 95 been a great wrapper for us.
  6. krich

    Nice 966

    I'd bring her home today. Rather have it as open station.
  7. Good video in case people don't know where marshmallows come from Haha
  8. X2. If the flare has a small crack the more you tighten the worse it gets. We've switched over the 1086 and 966 to hose and got rid of the steel lines.
  9. That is just what you need Haha
  10. You don't see that every day 🤔
  11. Sounds like someone should have been neutered after number 3 😂🤣 haha. Congrats. Hopefully she has a safe pregnancy and that you have a healthy child.
  12. krich

    Gearbox lube

    Should be 85w90 or 85w140 I believe most gearboxes like that run 85w140 from factory.
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