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  1. krich

    Nice 966

    I'd bring her home today. Rather have it as open station.
  2. Good video in case people don't know where marshmallows come from Haha
  3. X2. If the flare has a small crack the more you tighten the worse it gets. We've switched over the 1086 and 966 to hose and got rid of the steel lines.
  4. That is just what you need Haha
  5. You don't see that every day 🤔
  6. Sounds like someone should have been neutered after number 3 😂🤣 haha. Congrats. Hopefully she has a safe pregnancy and that you have a healthy child.
  7. krich

    Gearbox lube

    Should be 85w90 or 85w140 I believe most gearboxes like that run 85w140 from factory.
  8. Molson and Poutine
  9. Parents had an 87 rwd the transmission finally quit where it would just rev up in gear and not move. Since the van was rotted and transmission was junk I got the bright idea to drain the ATF then filled it with hydraulic fluid. Thing shifted great so I registered it and beat it into the ground.
  10. Left side 1/2 in hex head plug on an angle
  11. A neighbor had one 20 years ago had it parked in the hay mow part of the barn. It caught fire and lost the whole barn.
  12. I ordered my dash harness from agri services. My tach lamps were long enough. This winter I'll be ordering the main and cab harness from them.
  13. I would say the flywheel has been ground too many times like 815 said. It's not the correct way to do it, but the only thing you could do to get by without splitting it right now would be to pull the bolts that the throw out bearing pushes on and replace them with longer ones. Otherwise it needs to be split and flywheel replaced.
  14. krich


    Now there's some nice Bass
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