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  1. krich


    Were you throwing some top secret lures today?
  2. Yes you are right my mistake.
  3. If you have #44 unhooked and pull up on #45 with no resistance then #27 the judas pin is broken. You'll have to put a gauge on the unit and set the pressure after you reassemble the valve.
  4. Must be they couldn't find the wheel chock 🤷‍♂️
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  6. Yes Like snoshoe said start with pulling the valve assembly out and see if the judas pin is broken. You'll have to pull the linkage off the top and pull the drawbar and drawbar support to pull the valve out the bottom. Just what you described it seems more like the clutches are gone.
  7. If it tried turning on twice and then isn't doing anything now I would say your pto clutches are probably toast and the pto unit needs a full overhaul.
  8. I bought a new lincoln 216 with aluminum spool gun last winter for about $2500. I think just the welder alone was around $1400. It's all I'll ever need.
  9. Im guessing you take them down and put them up every season? How long does it take to put up?
  10. Just kicked up 3 doe outta the corn and then this one came running towards me and stopped so I snapped a pic. Saw the spike horn that was looking for these Doe on the edge of the other corn field. I've really only been seeing Doe and fawns here.
  11. That's for sure. I guess a friend broke an axle on his grain cart. Guessing fully loaded with high moisture corn did it in.
  12. Like TP and Gear said Cat 👍 bought mine used and haven't had any issues yet knock on wood haha.
  13. I believe it is but would have to find a tag to be sure. it is a hook chain. Has a 115 motor with speed reducer gearbox on the rear. Harvest cut short tonight combine broke. Field started out at about 25% then checked it half way through and was 35% or so when the machine broke.
  14. Went out this morning for a couple hours before heading back to do corn again and didn't see anything. Found a blood spot on my property must be the neighbor shot at one yesterday morning. I tracked it for a bit then lost the trail.
  15. https://m.stihlusa.com/products/blowers-and-shredder-vacs/professional-blowers/br450cef/ I have a stihl 450 without electric start. love the blower lots of power. Wish I bought the electric start just to see how good that option works and how long it lasts.
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