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  1. Well It was colder and windy but wasn't raining here so I decided to lay 10 yards of mulch today. Probably do another 10-12 tomorrow.
  2. Cloudy windy and 45 here in NY today.
  3. What's wrong with buying tea bags that you put in hot water to brew or steep? Cheaper that way 😁 we usually buy a box of red rose tea bags and make a pitcher of unsweetened tea. But I don't mind drinking flavored pure leaf teas.
  4. krich


    I'd rather do what he's doing. If I fell the water will cushion my fall
  5. Yeah they are. When I was looking for one a decent cat track loader was a minimum of 35k around my area and hrs didn't seem to matter. Luckily a friend wanted to trade his in on a newer machine and the dealer said they'll only give about 25k for it so he said you can have it for 25k bucket and set of forks. I said SOLD!
  6. You'll be mowing half the time now. Zeros are so much quicker.
  7. krich


    Mark you need to refrain from posts like this even if it is a joke and not real It seems to make the PC members go on PC rants 😂🤣
  8. That is true all horse people are crazy 😆😂
  9. Yep what stronger says. Here in NY it's tough with the high humidity some clouds and no breeze somedays. We tedd out our hay 1-2 times a day in 3-4 days that it's down
  10. It should be the rocker switch on your right joystick.
  11. ☝️ What the other members have posted. Check it out through all of them.
  12. I believe its AY McDonald faucets they sell at work.
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