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  1. Getting ready to double crop some soybeans with my 750 drill. Thinking of locking up the front gang and go to 15" rows. If I plant 90Lbs/Ac with 7-1/2" rows, do I double the setting to 180Lbs/Ac with 15" rows since half of the drill is blocked off?
  2. I'm sure this has be answered to death over the years, just not good at searching for things. What is the best way to convert a cub to 12v and where to get parts?
  3. North eastern Maryland, Head of the bay!
  4. I lost my right arm to the shoulder in 1972 feeding cows. Got wrapped up in PTO shaft. You all are correct, good attitude and patience are in your favor. Phantom pain is the worst of it. Good part is I'm better at predicting weather changes than the weather people!! An artificial arm isn't practical for me, so I have learned a lot about taking my time when doing stuff. Still farming, getting ready to retire from my day job and go to it full time! Always remember, don't give up, there are lots of worse things out there!
  5. Thanks all for your help. I isolated the starter from tractor system, powered the solenoid and got same response so I'm assuming I got a bad new starter. Got to pull starter, again, and start over. Glad I do have that "special wrench"! You can bet I'll bench test the replacement this time!
  6. Paystar5000, thanks this is what im looking for, a way to isolate the starter from the system without removing it. As I mentioned earlier, not an easy task! Where should the key position be, run? or off? I'm a mechanical guy, electric is out of my realm!
  7. Thanks all, it's a 10 tooth gear, from All State and looks like JD oem is 10 tooth as well. Getting ready to pick a mechanics brain and find someone who knows thier way around a voltmeter. Stay tuned!
  8. Thanks need to confirm, but once I release the key it should stop turning correct. It's like I'm still getting voltage once I return to run position. Could the start motor have some sort of short?
  9. I just bought a new starter from All States Ag for my JD 4440. After installation, the solenoid will not disengage when I let the key go to run position. I've replaced the key switch, start relay and even put the old starter solenoid back on the new starter. Still same results. What is you guys opinion of All States, could the new starter have a short or something, I'm very confused. Suggestions on trouble shooting without removing the starter, as JD engineering didn't make this a simple task.......
  10. 30 Acres to go.......wrong color but she works great!
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