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  1. Web Site

    Is this site running unusually slow these days?
  2. Binckley Hurst

    Not sure, web page seems a bit broken.......
  3. Thinking about a new toy

  4. Thinking about a new toy

    So my son is considering a STX275 with 24' of turbotill to help with the ground work we do. Any pros or con's with this model tractor?
  5. Chevy C65

    So engine is out and in shop. Starting to gather replacement information!
  6. Correct battery cable gauge

    I upgraded my 4440 and my 966 with a 2/0 that I had custom made at Very guick, great quality, very flexible, and very reasonable. Check em out.
  7. Time change

    I like this.
  8. Off color question

    "Does it start right back up or do you then have to crank it a while before it fires again?" yes but sometimes you got to crank it a bit
  9. Off color question

    2 position
  10. Off color question

    So my son has bought a used 9500 diesel combine. It seems to be starting a new habit. It will start idle for a moment then stop. Seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Any thoughts?
  11. Chevy C65

    Agreed, long block cost difference is cheap insurance.
  12. Chevy C65

    2 speed rear. 427 bolt up to the trans?
  13. Chevy C65

    So we've decided to short block this beast. Anybody ever delt with Mabbco Motors in Tyler TX? Seem to have reasonable prices and a 366 in stock.
  14. Chevy C65

    So to further conversation, I've spun a bearing. I don't have a lot of money tied up in this truck. I have allies that have the knowledge to rebuild. Short blocks seem to be around 2K. It it worth it?
  15. Chevy C65

    1973, conventional hood, with a 366.