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  1. Does anyone have a parts breakdown for these pumps, or know where I can find one? Would like to be sure in putting everything where it should be. Thanks
  2. Had to take the high pressure plunger apart and free it up and clean it. The plunger can index in the toothed gear two ways 180 degrees apart, does it need be a certain way or Will it work either way?
  3. Thanks for the leads fellas!
  4. Is there anywhere to source the cover gaskets and square cut o rings for the international pumps? Or is this a job for the scissors and gasket punch? I’m sure I could get the o rings from McMaster with some measuring. If someone makes a kit for these it would be awesome! Thanks Brent
  5. 07-12 models have lifter issues. Some genius at gm ruined a great engine with the DOD idea. Have run into at least a half dozen in the last or so with issues. Engines will have a miss at idle speeds and a interesting kind of squeak/ knock noise. Surface of roller lifter will be pitted, flat spotted, or at time lifter will spin in bore and really make a mess. To replace lifters is n these the heads must be removed. So there is a lot of labor, and then hope the metal hasn’t caused other issues. Best fix I know of is jasper engines has a rebuilt unit that eliminates all the worthless DOD crap. Have done several of these and they run great. Jasper also uses a updated piston that eliminates the low tension rings, say goodbye to the oil use issues they have as well.
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