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  1. I suggest the TOTO brand units. Not cheap but worth every penny in my opinion! Have a two stage flush and the soft close seat is the bomb! We put these in our house we just remodeled and haven’t used the plunger since.
  2. In my opinion the only place a commercial chassis has in the fire service is a tanker. No room inside for storage, no room to gear up. Build a custom chassis and you can spec storage in the cab, power for whatever where you want it. In the long run everyone who actually uses the truck will be happier. I also agree with vtfireman in 20-25 years the chassis will be outdated and worth pennies.
  3. When running try pulling plug wires off one at a time, good chance the one that Is knocking will quiet up when you pull the wire.
  4. To quote Rodney Dangerfield from caddyshack, NOW I KNOW WHY TIGERS EAT THIER YOUNG...
  5. New truck, old truck, they all have issues. Technology is the direction everything is going. It is more important now than ever to have a good proactive maintenance program. Unfortunately a lot of what I see is the older guys don’t want to accept the new. A lot of departments think a oil change once a year is a maintenance program. Can’t tell you how many twenty five year old belts I’ve changed on trucks, same trucks with air dryers that have never been serviced. “But it’s only got 15,000 miles on it”...
  6. Anything has to be better than the Tryandtow engines...
  7. As a EVT certified tech that works for a fleet service company that specializes in emergency vehicles, I totally agree that these units should be exempt from the emission regulations. But unfortunately that will never happen. Problem with getting these 20 year old trucks refurbished is now everything must meet current NFPA standards. And then are they replacing all the old pipes that are not stainless and corroded inside? Most likely not. Then there is the corrosion and stress issues in the body and cabs. We really have seen very few emission issues with the big trucks. Ambulances, now that’s
  8. Power steering gears are only designed to flow x amount of gpm. If the pump is flowing more than the gear can handle it will essentially put the pump on the relief valve. This creates heat and will kill the pump. The old more isn’t always better thing
  9. Thanks for the number i will get one and compare. Looks like will be having to get a whole drum and clutch assembly for one side as one of mine is wasted, mice and water made a great combination in there for about 25 years... If anyone has a spare laying around for parts they would part with let a guy know. Thanks Brent
  10. Also anyone have the replacement number for the double lipped seal in the cap, 259854R1? Found somewhere maybe a national 415449? Thanks
  11. Is there anywhere to source the drive bevel gear cage cap gaskets 254963R1 for the td6 or is this a make your own situation? Thanks Brent
  12. Does anyone have a parts breakdown for these pumps, or know where I can find one? Would like to be sure in putting everything where it should be. Thanks
  13. Had to take the high pressure plunger apart and free it up and clean it. The plunger can index in the toothed gear two ways 180 degrees apart, does it need be a certain way or Will it work either way?
  14. Thanks for the leads fellas!
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