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  1. Yup all propaganda! Yeah you’re doing great and you are #1 again!!!! 542191 dead so far! Masks are for sheeple!
  2. Facts dont matter with most of these guys
  3. Thats what i am watching also
  4. Looking for a cab visor or at least a picture of a CargoStar cab visor. I remember seeing a picture of one on a CargoStar, but I didn’t think to save it
  5. WOW!! That is a awesome collection!! Congratulations on it!
  6. I tried to order it locally which I usually try to do, the gasket kit was almost $800 canadian! I got it for $160ish delivered from rock auto
  7. Finally my top end gasket kit for my Cargostar is getting delivered!!! Rock auto had the best prices!
  8. I enjoy winding you up, but I apologize if i hurt your feelings. We have our share of dummies up here.
  9. I do enjoy winding you up alittle thou
  10. As long as you’re thinking of me I am happy. So to correct you... I didn’t start this. You guys/girls were fanning the BS about you know who way too long. It was sickening, this is a forum about international trucks/tractors and other equipment. You MTO and others constantly kept talking politics. I just got tired of it and according to alot of my PM’s so did other members. Contrary to popular belief not everyone is from the USA. So when a section about everything except politics is taken over with this complete foolishness over and over I got tired of it
  11. You can’t hurt my feelings, just tired of the stupidity. This is my last comment to this thread. ?
  12. You’re definitely not my type but I am still flattered ? But here goes. 44 male I am a gemini, and sick and f$@king tired of you dummies not being able to keep politics out of this forum!
  13. The sewage has been voted out. Here let me help http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=Who+won+the+2020+USA+election+
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