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  1. Yea the extra step is nice, and I have used the tow hooks a couple times pulling my 1/2 ton truck out of trouble
  2. Heres a picture of my cargostar. I put 11r22.5s on it. Picture is on my way home from getting it inspected, first road trip driving any distance (150kms total) and before I installed the deck
  3. 11R 22.5 is the only real choice also, they are daytons,not split rims
  4. ^^^This is what gets me, the ass kissing, it is so obvious. Have some respect for yourself
  5. When you look to see whats going on out there right now, that 1/2 of 1% is really making a mess!
  6. Completely opposite of what the present dumbass is doing/not doing.
  7. Wow, Ignorance is the term!
  8. Please dont listen to this guy, or anyone that spews this kind of misinformation! They are the ones that will get people exposed and killed from this very real problem!!!
  9. Definitely Non-Union. Would have to be non-union to be that dumb. And non-union to blame on union! You non-union keep racing to the bottom!!! Great job!!
  10. I bet someone has tried to lift the cab without releasing the cab latch, that would do that damage for sure. Weld the seams back up and I doubt you have to worry too much about it.
  11. Hey, I just went and put a straight edge across my floor and it’s perfectly flat with no slope. Hope that helps, nice Cargostar!
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