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  1. Thanx Dennis. If I had an address I'd mail you my extra card.
  2. Can anyone help me out with info on these pieces?I've had them a long time, but can't find out any history. Thanks.
  3. I came across this a while back and brought it home for $5. I can't seem to find very much about it. Have reproductions been made? Thanks.
  4. I have that same set of weights that came on my 656 too....marked H or M. They're nasty to remove/install- I used a cherry picker- I think 300# each.
  5. mmod

    826 Hydro

    Thanks all. First experience with a hydro.
  6. mmod

    826 Hydro

    Thanks for the information gentlemen. I have zero experience inside a hydro, but you've given me some direction for the next step! mmod
  7. mmod

    826 Hydro

    Will the Hydro unit on an 826 make a shrill squeal when it's starting to go out? Thanks in advance. mm
  8. Here's a friend on his Case C- his grandfather bought it new. BTW- me on the red one at the same parade.
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