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  1. Thanks! Clutch is back together
  2. I am trying to figure out how to reassemble the clutch with the new springs. Can anyone explain the process for doing this? The manual is vague and shows pictures of a different clutch. Right now I am trying to reach in the casting cut out with a long needle nose to try and get the pins through the springs but they are not lining up..any tips?
  3. Quick update: Had the crawler running on diesel the other day! At first I was getting no fuel to the fuel injectors when I was bleeding the system. Could have been something gummed up in the injection pump.. but all good now after running it in a little and working the throttle back and forth. Glad I don’t have to pull that apart.. gonna change the oil again. I had the wrong filter in my primary fuel canister. It was the same as the final filter but was just loose. I have ordered the top/bottom plates for the correct filter. I have also ordered an adapter sleeve to allow me to just use the same filter as the final. A new main clutch plate and those clutch return springs are on the way as well. Meanwhile I am working on pulling the steering clutches (Round 2!) I’m hoping I can get these out without rolling the crawler to get all the bolts out since it’s blocked up at the moment. Looks like someone filled the main transmission compartment with grease instead of the heavy weight oil... maybe it had some leaking issues before, wouldn’t be surprised as this crawler has had plenty of use. Almost none of the rollers hold oil either. I did notice my rear main crankshaft seal leaks a bit too when running the engine. Havnt decided if I want to pull the engine again to replace this or not yet. All things you would expect when working on a near 70 year old machine haha. Regards, Peter
  4. I have all the diesel lines connected now and will try to see if it switches over tomorrow. Next on the list is the main clutch. Do these clutch plate springs look normal? Are there supposed to be two per slot? I had my clutch off crawler #1 but never took it apart to this extent..
  5. Thanks Jim, in the process of converting to compression fittings and having a bit of trouble getting the copper tube bent correctly. My air filter looks to be capped off and not sure there was ever a connection to the injection pump... is this something to do with the IH pump?
  6. Nice collection. Try removing the gas cap when starting and seeing if that was creating a vacuum. With mine I had to ensure that the intake manifold was on tight (not too tight that you break an ear off though...) to enable the engine to draw in gas and not air. Check that you have good spark, timing, flipper valves closing, not grounding out mag, etc etc
  7. Thanks Jim, I was able to figure them out. I am trying to locate all the correct fittings and copper tube for the fuel lines. What is the importance of the injection pump air cleaner? Looks like the fitting is behind the pump but wasn’t connected to anything.Anyone know the specific type of fittings used on these lines?looks like 3/8”od tube
  8. Any pictures would help if you have an IH pump. Here’s what my diesel side looks like with the two lines attached to the filters. Looks like my throttle linkage got bent up somehow. Still need to check out my manual for a diagram. Pete
  9. Thanks Jim, you've been a big help. Most of the lines on the diesel side are missing, so I may need some help figuring out where all the lines go, and I will have to make new ones. I'll have to check the manual if it has a picture of the fuel line routing on the IH pump, as my other Crawler has an "A" pump.
  10. Chris, there will be no engine rebuild on this crawler because it started up today!! Here’s what I did: Thanks to everyone’s advice, I poured Kroil down the cylinders, let soak for a several days, turned the engine over a little with the hand crank and repeated again. I also only had 2 of the 4 nuts holding on the intake manifold initially which was why it wasn’t sucking in gas. Today I went out and gave it a several cranks and with each one it sounded like it wanted to start more and more. Eventually I got it going! I had to put a rag over the intake manifold hole to restrict air flow a little. I let it run for several minutes and it sounded good! After shutting it down I checked compression and all cylinders were 120+ PSI. Looks like the rings were rusted and not sealing well after all. Thanks everyone for your help getting it goin, now onto the diesel side. Peter
  11. Well I ran the wet compression test and the compression increased significantly. cylinders 1+2 were around 80psi and cylinders 3+4 both about 110psi. I had to pour a little gas down the top of the intake manifold in order to get the engine to pop. I might have a fuel issue or maybe there is not enough suction to draw in the gas... It actually sounded like it wanted to start up though and was making a cloud of white smoke. I think the results of the wet test point to cylinder wear.. Why would this only be on the front three cylinders? You mentioned soaking them with atf+acetone for a few days, will this increase compression somehow? I think it might be best to pull the head to investigate the valves, and head gasket as well. Let me know what you guys think, I might have an expensive project on my hand, not sure if parts for this engine are even available. Peter
  12. That sounds like the best case scenario to me. Maybe the head just needs to be re torqued?
  13. That is the cover of the drawbar pin which the leaf spring rotates on. I initially thought this had to be removed to pull the engine but it does not.
  14. Good news: I was finally able to crank over the engine the other day with the new ring gear installed. Bad news: when checking compression in each cylinder I found the following- cylinder 1(rad) 35psi cylinder 2: 45psi cylinder 3 :65psi cylinder 4(firewall) 100+psi After doing a little research it would seem I have cylinder wear, valves not sealing, or a bad head gasket. Does this seem like a bad head gasket scenario since cylinder 4 has great compression? Anyone have any advice on what to do next? Regards, Peter
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