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  1. I am afraid if I had a truck and trailer like yours I would have several more projects haha - that is quite the collection. This might be a dumb question but how did you get those crawlers on/off your trailer? (Unless they could be driven?). My Crawler is also a farm cat (I even found a 70 year old corn stalk in the belly shield when I took it off) it has relatively low hours and undercarriage in above average condition. Still searching for a blade - several jobs are waiting on it out at our farm... Glad my posts/pics helped you!
  2. Yes I do usually need some brakes to turn. Brought out all the 1950s era machines today
  3. Back in action! New Bendix was almost identical to the old one. Got the part delivered and installed just before dark. Out of the few times I started it the new Bendix worked flawlessly! Took her for a short test drive. Thanks everyone for the good info.
  4. Starter is all taken apart. I was able to match the armature part number on my starter to the starter number 1108925 (forgot I had the catalog). My crawler serial number is TDBK24913T7CM - I think the last few numbers/letters mean that I have wide gauge track but could be wrong. The manual says that 501-29936 all had this starter which means it’s actually the earlier version.
  5. Thanks for the parts break down, it will help in the disassembly. I believe mine is the top photo and Chris has the bottom starter (the earlier version). Strange that the part numbers don't match up... I have no knowledge of this starter ever being replaced- maybe by the original owner? I have to check the hour meter again but it didn't have a crazy amount of hours on it. The new bendix that I purchased looks just like #3 in that top photo though so I hope it will work. Will have to see if I can make any adjustments to get the bendix to engage the ring gear properly.
  6. I found the stamped number but it is very hard to read. I think it ends with “78774”.I guess I will find out if I ordered the correct part. Also I took those measurements like you suggested. The distance to the back edge of the ring gear is 3”. The distance from the starter flange to end of Bendix gear at full throw is about 2-3/8”. After inspecting the ring gear more closely the starter is only engaging about 1/2of the ring gear - as you can see in the picture pretty clearly.
  7. The delco remy tag says 779 9961 in the picture. I'd have to look if there are any other numbers on it.
  8. Thanks everyone for the good info. I did find a bendix assembly on ebay for the td6/td9/wd9 which I have on order. Chris, yes my starter might be a slightly newer model - 1950 I believe is the year the crawler was built and I'm guessing this is the original starter. It is manually operated by a lever on the left side of the operators compartment. I am going to try and clean up each tooth as best as I can on the ring gear and hope the new bendix gear solves the problem - don't really want to pull the engine or cut notches in the clutch compartment. Last thing I want is to ruin the new bendix gear by having a bad ring gear though.
  9. Thanks for the advice, I managed to fix the leak by soldering the outside of the radiator. Now I ran into another problem. Recently the starter has not been engaging the ring gear every time and makes a horrible grinding noise. I pulled the main clutch inspection cover and can see that the Bendix pinion gear is worn. I just pulled the starter to take a closer look and the gear is pretty smashed up. The ring gear doesn’t look that bad, maybe I can just clean it up with a file through the hole where the starter goes. I am looking to replace the pinion gear but am having difficulty sourcing one. It is a 12 tooth. Any suggestions? Thanks, Peter
  10. If anyone is looking to sell a blade/mounting supports please send me a message. Preferably within the Midwest.
  11. Yep, moving under its own power. Temp Gage got up to just below run on high idle so the thermostat seems to be working - the whole reason I took everything apart in the first place haha. Have a new wiring harness and seat on order. Need to get the hood, louvers and grill/emblem cleaned up and painted still. I did some house keeping work like changing the engine oil and injection pump oil, cleaning the water trap, and flushing the diesel system of air. There's a small leak in the bottom corner of my radiator - sometimes it leaks, sometimes it doesn't. I am going to pour some stop leak into the rad to see if it plugs it. Also, the glass is cracked on one of my headlights unfortunately - does anyone know where to get a replacement? Peter
  12. I’ve noticed that it works much better in warmer weather, also more comfortable to work on.
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