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  1. What would you recommend using? Flexible hose like the fuel supply/return have already?
  2. Appreciate the feedback on my post! Glad to see it has helped someone out. Yep those pressure plate springs had me stumped for a bit too. Just saw that oil was leaking out of one of the final drive compartments so may have another tear down in the future... Also working on a cub final drive failure at the moment. Always something to work on haha
  3. Not sure why other pics were blurry...
  4. Here are a couple pictures of my pump and fuel lines. I added the fuel pressure gage later as it was just capped off as seen in previous pic. Is this the correct location to measure the pressure? I installed new fuel filters and cleaned out the water trap. After bleeding the system, the pressure gage is still reading in the red zone and the engine sounds like it is still lacking fuel at full throttle. the pump is indeed a B pump according to the tag and I havnt seen much info on them. The return line comes off the back of the pump which is strange. Any other advice? Appreciate any help. thanks, Pete
  5. I got my bolts from McMaster Carr. Fast shipping.
  6. Can anyone tell me what pump I have? Does it even have a scavenger valve? I dont see the flat head fitting on the pump... clone, what do you mean by my pump is bypassed? It is missing several fuel lines in that pic that I posted since I had to make new ones I ordered new fuel filters to see if that solves the fuel issue.
  7. Here is a picture of the pump from back when I bought the machine. It is an IH model. I need to do some reading up on past posts about the scavenger valves sticking. What would cause the pressure gauge to show low (practically zero) pressure even if the machine seems to run OK most of the time? I'll try those suggestions and get a more recent picture of the pump/gauge next time I'm back to the farm. I may have to take apart that hour meter just out of curiosity. Peter
  8. I have a few questions on the diesel side of my td6. The pressure gage on the side of the diesel pump has never moved out of the red (low pressure) range, however the dozer still runs on diesel... This was a brand new gage that I installed from Steiner. (IHS532) I have noticed that while using the machine the dozer seems to lack full power at times. If I let the engine idle for a while and then push the lever to full throttle the machine responds with full power. However, if I run the engine at full throttle for a while, the power gradually decreases. It seems to me like the fuel pump can't keep up with the demand of engine. Also, sometimes the engine will randomly shut down due to fuel starvation. After several seconds I am able to restart on diesel and back to normal. I have noticed that air builds up in the system and I have to bleed the air almost every time I use the machine. I have also noticed that diesel fuel does leak into the injection pump oil sump over time. I am tempted to pull off the injection pump cover to see if anything is going on in there. Any pointers? I should check that fuel filters are not restricting flow and make sure my lines are not crimped as well. I will try and find some pictures of the pump. Meanwhile, here are some pictures from this weekend. Pete
  9. I have a td6 so not sure if this will work on your machine. You might not have to remove those 6 bolts. Instead, remove the 2 cap bolts on the pivot shaft (bend back the keeper tabs) and slide the whole spring pack forward. This should get you enough clearance to pull engine.
  10. Few pics of the dozer tilt cylinders that I added this weekend.
  11. This is impressive. I hope to restore my td6 someday to this level of detail. How did you keep those parts from getting flash surface rust after you cleaned them? I have used electrolysis and a wire wheel as my main tools in cleaning up old parts - I may have to give the citric acid a try on an old hit n miss engine. I love following along and thanks for the pictures. Seems like you have all the tools and equipment to do a professional job... I am jealous
  12. Yesterday’s project was a tough one
  13. Just a little tree clearing with some fresh hydraulic hoses. Adding tilt soon. Harvest is here.
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