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  1. Hey Guys, I had a hydraulic hose failure the other day while pushin over some cedar trees. They cedars roots dont go too deep because of rock so its easy to push em over a little, then dig up the roots with the blade. Anyway, the suction (low pressure) hose on the front failed and I had to quit for the day. I am going to replace all 4 old hoses with new ones and it got me thinking how nice it would be to add a tilt feature to the blade while I drain and break the system. If I replaced one diagonal link with a tilt cylinder would it work? I will need to do some plumbing and add a control valve. Thoughts? Peter
  2. Funny I know exactly what you are talking about with the welded gear/rod. I have been in the attic of the building which is relatively unchanged. There are hundreds of file cabinets of drawings and old pictures, abandoned bathrooms/locker rooms, old belt driven equipment, etc. Wish they represented IH more with the decor but unfortunately the Italians own the company now.
  3. I wish I could go back in time. I found these pictures in an old IH Brochure and took me a second to realize that I work in the same building (Burr Ridge IL) and same labs as the 1960 scientists and engineers... I am 24 years old and like to imagine what work was like for these guys back then. One Guy recently retired that worked at IH for over 50 years and was here when the building opened in 1959. Enjoy! Peter Here are some "modern" day pictures: COLD ROOM: - Still has a closet full of those old green coats BUMP TRACK: - Still used today INDOOR FARM: (I work in this structural lab now) - Same T-Slot floor as in old picture
  4. There are 12v pos ground alternators available as well if you went that route. I do like to keep an old machine "stock" unless its a basket case like my td6 dozer was. Any pics of new toy? Pete
  5. Finally got the old dozer out of the sleepy suburbs and to our farm where it can do some real work. Not too long after using it, there was an electrical fire which was quickly taken care of with the fire extinguisher bungeed on the diesel tank per osha standards. It was a successful first day of using it in the woods to widen trails and push trees until the right hand track slipped off. The ground was muddy with roots and vines that worked their way into the track to knock It off. It was quite the effort to get the track back on. After many attempts with pry-bars and sinking jacks we decided to switch up the plan. We dug a trench down to clay under the drawbar and using gravel, cement blocks, rail road ties, and a 20T bottle jack, we were able to jack the back end up. Then, using the blade hydraulics, we were able to get the front end up, bringing the tracks completely out of the mud. We cleaned everything up nice and good and had to remove several tread plates, as they would hit the side of the frame. Using my atv winch we kept lateral tension on the track while slowly rotating the track forward until the track popped back on with a satisfying “clink”. Needless to say, we tightened the tracks immediately after.
  6. I used 4 in-line spark plug light testers on my TD6 spark plugs to check that they turn off when the diesel lever was engaged. Also just purchased some W89D plugs so hoping they make starting easier.
  7. After looking at the toolbox more closely, I think it might go right under the seat!
  8. I was able to have a local truck suspension shop make me a leaf for me. Cost $100 but much cheaper than it woulda been to buy the whole pack and ship it. Question for you guys: Do any of you know what these two C-channel brackets are for? I have one for each td6 but they are a little different. Found some more crawler parts the other day including a wrench, foot rests and what looks to be the hand crank holder? Not sure if this tool box is meant for a crawler yet but it is red. Pete
  9. It was much easier to disassemble the spring pack than i thought. Just had to remove center bolt and the pieces slid right out though the two guides. No load on the springs in the pack. I am going to look into having one made. Thanks for the help. Peter
  10. Mike, I unfortunately do not have the broken piece, looks to me like it has been broken for some time. Is there an easy way to separate/reassemble the spring pack? I don't have much experience with these. I need to look at it more closely but i think there is a center "carriage-looking" bolt and then the two side retainers. Can these come off without a grinder?
  11. Update on this project: I replaced all 4 hydraulic hoses and removed the broken leaf spring. I have searched around and seems like no one has ever had a broken spring but me haha. I was just able to remove it without pulling the engine again which was a huge relief. If only I did this job when the engine was out the first time... Anyway I am in the market for a new spring pack since I don’t see any way to separate the individual pieces without grinding off the crimped retainer things. John from general gear said he might have a spring pack but $$.
  12. I had the same problem with the mice and water but my drums were salvageable. Replaced all steel and fiber disks, throw out and pilot bearings, and those seals. Also found a thread on how to reline brake bands with some material from McMaster carr and that worked out well. You can get a drum from tractorparts.com but pricy. That’s also where I got all necessary bearings and clutch parts. My Td6 dozer thread might help you out if you need some pictures. Peter
  13. Old Seal with broken spring: New Seal: (Seal is flush with top edge)
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